CMB Music: Wall Of Voodoo – “On Interstate 15″   Leave a comment

…I was going to post “Mexican Radio” for tonight’s musical selection but I figured I needed another great Wall of Voodoo song, so I went with this one… ;)

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WordPress/Facebook – Reblog/blog/share site – Please join!   Leave a comment

Originally posted on shaunynews:


Delighted to announce the opening of the  Facebook sharing BLOG PAGE! Yup, we have a WordPress blog for re-blogging YOUR blog! I started the Facebook page a few months back, over 400 people on it so far, it’s getting bigger slowly and in the right way. This is the Facebook Group:

If you want blog exposure, you will get it. Want fun? You will get it. It’s a brilliant group. These are the moderators.

Archbishop Eddie Tatro from USA:

Doc Horty from USA:

Patty the poet/writer from Holland:

Jeremy, poet/writer from England:

Martin, brilliant writer from Holland:

Brian, My personal friend from Scotland:


Facebook share group

Facebook share group

Today we made a BLOG SITE where anyone in the group can ask for their blog to be re-blogged. We know it will work as already…

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Moyes Out At Old Trafford   Leave a comment

You know, the more I read Man United’s tweet concerning the departure of manager David Moyes, the more I can’t help but think…given the team’s performance this year in the Premier League, not even his predecessor, Sir Alex Ferguson, could’ve saved the team’s fortunes…then again, as a fan of historic arch-rival Liverpool F.C., I’m still wondering what the hell they were thinking when they hired the former Everton manager to succeed.

Kinda’ makes you wonder what Moyes’ proponents – Ferguson and former United star Sir Bobby Charlton – are thinking at the moment…then again, I probably would hate to imagine those thoughts at this moment. 

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Balancing Science & Religion   Leave a comment

Originally posted on Confessions Of A Christian Liberal:

Watching this video reminds me that science and religion need not be at cross-purposes to one another; some of the greats of the scientific world (Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Arthur Eddington…even Charles Darwin) were devout Christians who were able to balance those two competing philosophies and use them to advance man’s scientific knowledge, and although I have lots of disagreement – politically speaking – with the LDS Church, who produced the above video, on this topic I happen to agree with them on.

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CMB Music: King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man”   Leave a comment

…this is one of those songs that reminds you that, even when – on the outside – everything looks normal – on the inside, things can be very un-normal…

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NC Senate Candidate Says “Democracy Is Socialism”   1 comment

Where, dear God, does the North Carolina Republican Party get these people…

In Republican primary races, the race to the bottom continues unimpeded, (says one GOP candidate). “Senator Hagan says we got to have a nice debate and discussion (about gun control) about what to do. See that’s called a democracy which is actually socialism which is called majority rule.”
That would be North Carolina actual Senate candidate Greg Brannon, no stranger to crackpot statements, warning us all that democracy is socialism and so “debates” about things ought to be right out. So property taxes are Soviet-style central planning, and debating things is democracy which is socialism. There ya go.
It used to be possible to gaffe, as a Republican politician—maybe you said something about “legitimate” rape, for instance, something that caused the rest of the party to run for the hills lest they be caught in the swirling vortex of your stupidity. No longer. You can pretty much shove whatever words you want out of your word-hole, it won’t cause the deeply silly Republican base to think any less of you. And it’s not actually possible for the rest of us to think less of you.(Daily Kos)

…and can we send them back to whatever damn Bizarro World they came from?

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Could Democrats Buck Conventional Wisdom In 2014?   Leave a comment

For what it’s worth, I agree with Booman Tribune’s analysis of a recent article over at Real Clear Politics by RCP’s resident political major-domo, Sean Trende, who believes that, while unlikely at present, the potential is there, given the 2014 Senate map, for Democrats’ to actually pick up seats come November rather than lose them. I agree in that, given the next 2 electoral cycles, if the Dems’ can hold their own, the odds are there for a few Blue Waves through the end of the decade.

On the other hand, this is a mid-term election…and mid-term elections are all about GOTV: getting out the vote. If the Dems’ can do that (as they successfully did in the 2013 VA Gubernatorial race) then they’ve got a shot a bucking conventional wisdom…if not, depending on the individual races, it could get ugly.

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