Tea Party, Meet Cliff..   3 comments

…now do us all a favor and go jump off said cliff.

No, really…if you’re that insistent that taxes for the 1% remain as low as possible, then fine; that’s your right. But you don’t have the right to take the rest of us in this country(ya’ know, the 99%) off the same damn cliff…and to think, in my last few years as a conservative, I used to support some of these wingnut ideas….ewww. *shivers in horrifying remembrance*

Just remember, wingnuts…elections have consequences and y’all lost, period. End of story. Have fun sailing over the cliff… *then adds in a “Home Alone”ish villainy voice* …ya’ filthy animals!  :P

h-t to Crooks & Liars

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3 responses to “Tea Party, Meet Cliff..

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  1. What good would come from raising tax rates on any Americans, even the top 2%?

    • By that rationale, would good came from putting 2 sets of tax cuts and paying for two wars on the country’s collective credit card over the past decade? But I digress…

      In all seriousness, though, I’m just old enough to remember the Clinton-era tax rates(the ones lowered by then-President Bush in 2001 & 2003) and if I remember correctly, the economy ran surprisingly well for most of his presidency(granted, it stumbled a bit due to the tech bubble burst, but it still did surprisingly well). The point of my opening in the post that I was trying to make, my friend, was that the Tea Party, in my opinion, are nothing more than spoiled brats who seemingly revel in dragging America down to their level of ignorance and preventing the adults in the room(especially those within the GOP) from doing anything constructive for the good of the country lest it stray from Tea Party doctrine. I’ve lost count of all the reasons I’m no longer a conservative, but those of y’all within the Tea Party are one good reason why.

    • I agree that paying for wars on a credit card is a bad idea, and Bush & Obama both made that mistake.

      As for the glory days of the Clinton white house and Gingrich congress, I was there… they weren’t that good. Our economy floated from one bubble to the next and we only avoided recessions because Greenspan kept the interest rates artificially low. Unfortunately for Bernanke you can’t lower interest rates to hide the Fed’s bad policies any longer.

      But the basis for my original question is this. If no good can come from taxing anyone at this time, why do it? Wouldn’t the adult thing to do be to cut costs to within the current revenue? Then we can look to raise taxes to meet the needs of a growing country, if it is needed.

      The fact is that even if congress passed the proposed Obama tax hikes on the top tax rates we would only see $80 billion of revenue brought in. We can cut $80 easily from several departments and they wouldn’t even notice it. Why take money out of the private sector when it is only getting wasted in the government? This is a classic example of a child wanting something for no other reason than he wants it.

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