Obama To Offer Immigration Reform In 2013   2 comments

President Obama, on today’s Meet The Press, announced plans to introduce a comprehensive immigration reform package early next year, saying to MTP’s David Gregory, “Fixing our broken immigration is a top priority. I will introduce legislation in the first year to get that done.”  In addition, officials within the adminstration announced that they will begin an “all-out drive” for comprehensive immigration reform in 2013.

Now, what should such a package look like? Well, any comprehensive package of immigration reform is going to have to address employee verification of immigrant status, border security and providing a path to eventual citizenship for undocumented immigrants already here; no sense reforming the system if you cannot figure some way to bring in the undocumented, get them into the system, make sure they haven’t broken any other laws(besides illegally entering the country) and at least give them some pathway that ultimately leads to citizenship(something along the lines of the Dream Act that was proposed during the 112th Congress). Anything else that doesn’t address those three broad areas won’t pass through Congress; even if it did, it would likely face a presidential veto.


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2 responses to “Obama To Offer Immigration Reform In 2013

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  1. You are free to believe what you read and see in the news. It’s a little late. My son-in-law who happens to be a legal immigrant received in the mail an offer to register to vote. Immigration Reform has started and seems to be a Liberal ploy to increase their voting base.

    • Quoting Raul…” Immigration Reform has started and seems to be a Liberal ploy to increase their voting base.” Then remind me again why George W. Bush proposed CIR(comprehensive immigration reform) following his re-election?

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