House Passes Sandy Relief Measure   2 comments

h/t to CNN Political Ticker

For the second time in as many months, the House has passed a major piece of legislation without major support from the House majority. In this case, the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, which passed in the House 241-180 less than an hour ago; the breakdown of votes went as follows….

  • Republicans: 49 yea, 179 nay, 4 not voting
  • Democratic: 192 yea, 1 nay, 7 not voting

The Sandy relief measure consisted of 2 main parts, one consisting of $17 billion in immediate disaster aid, while the other half consists of long-term measures totaling around $34 billion or so. Combined with the $9 billion already appropriated, around $60 billion in Hurricane Sandy relief will ultimately be headed to the Northeast.

Politically speaking, though, this all-but-kills the Hastert Rule and could ultimately mean a new political paradigm for congressional politics in the future.


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