ObamaCare Already Pushing Private Insurers To Lower Premiums   Leave a comment

…so much for all those GOP talking points about how the Affordable Care Act would push up health insurance premiums; perhaps they should talk to a couple of health insurance providers out in Oregon who’ve had to reduce their premiums in order to make their respective policies more competitive once the state’s health exchange gets up-and-running. From Think Progress

In a striking illustration of the promise that the health law holds for consumers, two Oregon private insurers vying to sell coverage on the state’s Obamacare insurance marketplace this October are reevaluating their opening bids for the plans’ monthly premiums. The reason? A side-by-side regional comparison of all proposed 2014 premiums for Oregon marketplace plans became public on Oregon’s marketplace website Thursday, and showed that the two insurers’ planned monthly premiums were far higher than other proposals.

This, in turn, has led to state insurance regulators to come out and declare that they expect additional rate reductions as more and more of the provisions w/in ObamaCare are implemented. The kicker in all this…the exchange hasn’t been set up quite yet; though Oregon state officials have laid most of the groundwork for the state’s health exchange, the exchange won’t fully come online until later this year.

In other words, health insurance providers are actually being a bit proactive in their business practices, gambling that having a low premium once the exchange fully comes online will help them…it also guts the GOP talking point about ObamaCare raising health insurance premiums; while some companies have tried that scare tactic to raise rates, most are either biding their time or as happened in Oregon, they’re lowering rates in order to be more competitive.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; once again, Republicans have got it all wrong on ObamaCare…what else is new?

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