Organizer Of Armed March Loads Shotgun In Middle Of Washington DC While Warning Of ‘Revolution’   1 comment


There are times where I am really, really amazed by the seeming perfidy of the Right in this country…this is one of those times; I almost get the feeling Mr. Kokesh believes himself to be a martyr when in reality he is nothing but a seditious little cretin who quite frankly ought to get a one-way, expenses-paid ticket to Gitmo in my opinion. If what he is doing in that video doesn’t rise to the level of a seditious threat, what the hell does?

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:

So my question is this…”will your ‘revolution’ be televised?”

Think Progress

The libertarian activist Adam Kokesh who called for and then canceled an armed march on Washington uploaded a YouTube video on July 4 that shows him loading a shotgun in the center of Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C, near the White House. In the video, Kokesh cryptically warns, “We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity. We are the final American revolution. See you next Independence Day.”

Watch the video:

It is illegal to openly carry a firearm, much less a loaded one, in the District of Columbia.

Kokesh initially planned to lead a July 4 march on Washington with loaded firearms to advocate for open carry and “to put the government on notice.” When he announced the original armed march on Washington, authorities thoroughly warned against it. But he later abandoned those plans in favor of…

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