Congress is going to wade into PEDs in football? Where’s my popcorn?   Leave a comment


My own thoughts on the topic…(1)contrary to Mr. Calcaterra’s fevered opinion, Congress had every right to wade into the issue of PEDs back in the mid-2000′s for one reason (if nothing else) – baseball’s anti-trust exemption; so long as federal law grants MLB that, Congress has every right to use its’ oversight powers (even with the current pack of louts, morons & dolts running the House these days). (2)On the other hand, I agree with Mr. Calcaterra on point #1; it is satisfying to see the NFL begin to get the spotlight shined on it that’s shone over baseball for the better part of the past decade…hopefully, this will push the NFL to finally address the issue and not have it blow up in the public sphere. So, as much as I don’t trust Darrell Issa & Co. in terms of Congressional oversight, here’s hoping them a little bit of success.

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Two things to take away from this report about Congress making noises about getting involved in the NFL being slow to adopt HGH testing:

1. It’s somewhat satisfying to see football begin to get a fraction of the scrutiny baseball has gotten over PEDs for the past decade; but

2. Congress has absolutely no business in this whatsoever.

The last time Congress called athletes and the league before it for PEDs was when Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee were hauled in after the Mitchell Report was released.  The result: a circus of a public hearing (which I liveblogged here and here) in which the very congressman quoted in today’s story — Elijah Cummings — stood out as one of the more clueless and grandstanding members of the committee.  The larger result: a prosecution of Roger Clemens that spanned years and millions and resulted in nothing.

So, yes, while…

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