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The Real But Unknowable Path To A Democratic House Majority   Leave a comment

h/t to Daily Kos

Very interesting front-page article over at Daily Kos about how there are paths that the Democratic Party can take in order to achieve a House majority in 2014(by rights, they should’ve had one in 2012 were it not for massive Republican gerrymandering) but that how, at present, those paths are unknowable because it is simply impossible to figure out the precise paths the DCCC needs to take in order to achieve that majority.

Can it be done? Hell yes, it can be done…question is, will the Dems’ seize every available opportunity in order to get there.


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Random Thought, 31 March 2013   Leave a comment

Is it just me or is every web browser being overrun by annoying ad after annoying ad?


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CMB Concert of the Week: Bad Company, Live At Wembley   Leave a comment

Couldn’t find any date but who cares; it’s Bad Company…enough said. 🙂

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Just go away, Sarah Palin…go away and leave the rest of America alone.

The Last Of The Millenniums

sarah palin1

“Seen through the lens of the invaluable Center for Responsive Politics, Palin’s PAC spent $5.1 million in the last election cycle (more than it raised in that time period, raising some questions about Palin’s claims of fiscal responsibility). But the real news comes when you look at how donors’ money was actually doled out: just $298,500 to candidates. The bulk of the rest of it, more than $4.8 million, went to–you guessed it–consultants.”
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One Legacy Of Iraq War: Increased Iranian Influence   Leave a comment

As the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War passed by recently, one legacy that has steadily grown is the growing influence of Iran over the affairs of its’ neighbor, as evidenced in a recent Think Progress article

The Los Angeles Times reports that the real winner of President George W. Bush’s war in Iraq is the Islamic Republic of Iran. “Iraqi officials say Washington’s political influence in Baghdad is now virtually nonexistent. Hussein is dead. But Iran has become an indispensable broker among Baghdad’s new Shiite elite, and its influence continues to grow,” the Times says.

Secretary of State John Kerry travelled to Baghdad last week to ask Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to stop Iranians from using Iraqi airspace to fly of weapons and supplies to Bashar al-Assad’s forces fighting Syrian rebels but he was rebuffed. Maliki claimed that there is no evidence that the flights contain anything but humanitarian supplies.

“The Americans have no role. Nobody listens to them. They lost their power in this country,” said Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Mutlaq, a Sunni, commenting on the disappearance of the Americans as a broker for most of Iraq’s disputes.

And the Iranians have filled the vacuum. “At the moment, Iran has something akin to veto power in Iraq, in that Maliki is careful not to take decisions that might alienate Iran,” said Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.(Think Progress)

That quote from the Iraqi Deputy P.M. should give America pause; thanks to the numerous lies and boneheaded decisions of the Cheney-Bush Administration, it’ll be a long day before America is trusted with any major foreign policy decisions…

CMB Music: Rush – “Freewill”   Leave a comment

All of us have’s in how we use it that determines how our lives go.

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Sanders Proposes Breaking Up Too-Big-To-Fail Banks   Leave a comment

If a bank is either, (a)too-big-to-fail, (b)too-big-to-send-the bankers-to-jail, or (c) both, then they damn well should be broken up…quoting a HuffPost article by VT Sen. Bernie Sanders:

Breaking up the too big to fail financial institutions is a notion that has drawn support from some leading figures in the financial community. Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, wrote this: “The safer the individual banks, the safer the financial system. The ultimate destination — an economy relatively free from financial crises — won’t be reached until we have the fortitude to break up the giant banks.” James Bullard, the head of the St. Louis Fed, also weighed in. “I do kind of agree that ‘too big to fail’ is ‘too big to exist.'” Thomas Hoenig, the former Kansas City Fed president, was an early supporter of the idea of breaking up big U.S. banks. “I think [too big to fail banks] should be broken up. And in doing so, I think you’ll make the financial system itself more stable. I think you will make it more competitive, and I think you will have long-run benefits over our current system, which leads to bailouts when crises occur.”

In my view, no single financial institution should be so large that its failure would cause catastrophic risk to millions of American jobs or to our nation’s economic wellbeing. No single financial institution should have holdings so extensive that its failure could send the world economy into crisis. And, perhaps most importantly, no institution in America should be above the law. We need to break up these institutions because of the tremendous damage they have done to our economy.(Daily Kos)

For what it’s worth, they can start with Bank of America & Wells Fargo; both of ’em are based here in North Carolina and they spare no expense screwing over customers at any opportunity…

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