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CMB Music: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – “Carry On/Questions”   Leave a comment

This is one of those songs that presents a message to its’ listeners as well as a surprisingly great tune…


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The NRA’s Blood Money And Those Who Take It (UPDATED)   Leave a comment

In the continuing effort to make America a safer country, information such as this is vitally important.

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CMB Music: The Damned – “In Dulce Decorum”   Leave a comment

…an almost appropriate song for a Monday, dont’cha think? 😉

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NBA Veteran Comes Out Of Closet   Leave a comment

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for most of today, you’ve probably heard an interesting and historical announcement…that announcement was in today’s edition of Sports Illustrated, when veteran NBA player Jason Collier came out of the closet, becoming the first openly gay sports figure in American history. Yahoo Sports’ Kelly Dwyer had this to say about the announcement….

Jason Collins is a free agent. He’s a skilled center that can provide stout defense off of the bench, and he’s a veteran presence. He’s also just become the first openly gay athlete in professional North American team sports.

Throughout his 12-year NBA career, the journeyman center has been known for leaving an indelible imprint on every game he plays without putting up major numbers. He’d defend the league’s best big men expertly, changing the course of both regular season and major playoff games with his work on that end, while barely adding points or rebounds to the box score. If you weren’t watching, you wouldn’t know he was there; much less what sort of impact he made.

Now, after a game-changing interview with Sports Illustrated, Jason Collins has made a sports-altering impact. The free agent center, who played with both Boston and Washington in 2012-13, has announced he is gay. And the calmness and confidence in his revelation befits a man who was always just fine with playing a style of game that left him unnoticed by all but those who were paying close attention.(Yahoo Sports)

Now think about Dwyer’s words above…yes, this is an historic announcement, no two ways about it but what’s most striking in my opinion is the fact that it wasn’t a player of the caliber of a LeBron James or Dwight Howard or Kobe Bryant who came out today, it was an everyman type of person in Jason Collins, someone who odds’ are could walk down the street of Anytown, USA and you’d never ever know that he was gay…in a sense, he is for this generation of Americans the Jackie Robinson of the NBA. When Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke the color barrier, he wasn’t the best player to come out of the Negro Leagues and enter MLB but he was the kind of solid, dependable, hardworking man that any team could want to have on their roster and that’s the kind of player Jason Collins is, which is why his coming out today is of such historical significance.

Will Collins catch flack from certain quarters for his decision today? Most certainly; even though this is 2013, there are still certain groups in this country who will castigate Collins precisely because of his orientation but I suspect, as time goes on, that this will become a non-issue. This may sound surprising, but back when I was a conservative, I used to say that we Americans will see a day when true equality has arrived and that day will come when we look at an individual and we don’t care one bit whether they’re white or black or male or female, Christian< Jew or Muslim, straight or gay….none of that will matter if the question at hand in the minds of Americans is: can they do the job they’ve been hired to do?

If they can….nothing eles matters, period. Now, that day hasn’t arrived yet…but it’s coming and Collins’ announcement today is but one step on that road.

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The NRA: Proud Sponsor of Mass Murder Since 1871   Leave a comment

If it weren’t for the NRA and their efforts over the years, America might actually be a safer, saner place to live.

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Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine   Leave a comment

Night owl…enough said.

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CMB Concert Of The Week: The Clash – Live In Tokyo, 1982   Leave a comment

This week’s concert selection takes us to the Land of the Rising Sun for a 1982 concert featuring punk legends The Clash…so sit back, relax and enjoy the music! 🙂

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