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CMB Music: The Alan Parsons Project – “May Be A Price To Pay”   Leave a comment

…after watching the last few minutes of the Montreal Impact-Houston Dynamo MLS playoff match, I get the feeling a few of the Impact players are going to be paying for their poor sportsmen conduct…just saying.


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Go Nuclear, Harry Reid   Leave a comment

I understand the historical and pragmatic reasons for not invoking the constitutional (or “nuclear”) option in the Senate, but surely there has to come a time where Harry Reid has to get up and say to the Republicans, “Enough!”

Senate Republicans voted to hold up a key federal appeals court nominee Thursday, daring Senate Democrats to invoke what is known as the nuclear option and change the Senate rules with a simple majority vote. Patricia Millett, a corporate lawyer who is among the most prominent and widely respected members of the Supreme Court bar, would have filled one of three seats on the second most powerful American court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.(Think Progress)

Republicans have shown, time and time again, that they do not care whether anything gets done in the Senate on executive and judicial appointments; it is past time for Senator Reid to invoke the nuclear option and get things rolling again in the world’s most deliberative body.

CMB Music: Genesis – “It’s Gonna Get Better”   Leave a comment

…dedicated to a special friend of mine; I think she knows who I’m referring to…and babe, even when things are at their lowest, always know that things do get better over time…they always do. 🙂

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President Obama Speaks About Health Care Reform In Massacusetts   Leave a comment

Earlier today, Pres. Obama spoke in Massachusetts about healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act at the site where, back in 2006, then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney and a bipartisan group of legislators signed a pretty similar piece of legislation to the ACA into law there.

Now, are there problems with the Healthcare Exchange website at present? Yes, there are but those problems are being fixed but the important thing to remember is that the ACA is a good deal for Americans and a damn sight better than the current system of health-care insurance at present in the U.S.


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North Carolina Defends “Choose Life” License Plates Before 4th Circuit   Leave a comment

You think the geniuses in Raleigh would know that there are certain political & free speech lines you don’t cross in regards to license plates…advocating for certain positions is one of them:

(AP) — A North Carolina assistant attorney general urged a federal appeals court to allow the state to offer anti-abortion license plates without providing plates that express the opposite view.

U.S. District Judge James Fox ruled last December that offering just the “Choose Life” license plate violates the First Amendment. The state appealed, and a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond heard arguments Wednesday.

Kathryne Hathcock of the attorney general’s office said the state is entitled to use specialty license tags to advance its preference for childbirth over abortion.

Chris Brook, (an) attorney (with the ACLU), argued that allowing plates expressing only one side of the contentious abortion issue is a classic example of viewpoint discrimination. The court usually takes several weeks to rule.(WTOP, Washington D.C.)


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CMB Music: Motorhead – “Ace Of Spades”   Leave a comment

…a little Motorhead never hurt anyone, did it? 😉

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Now Or Never For Senate GOP IN 2014   Leave a comment

Over at National Journal there’s a pretty interesting article by political major-domo Charlie Cook that bears reading…quoting:

“The reason next year is so make-or-break for Senate Republicans is because in 2016, when all of the seats they won in 2010 come up–they netted a six-seat net gain that year–there will be 24 GOP seats up, compared with only 10 for Democrats, leading to some serious Republican overexposure. Seven of the 24 GOP senators up are hailing from states that Obama carried in 2012. After having had plentiful Democratic targets in 2012 and 2014, it will be Republicans in 2016 who will have the most incumbents in the crosshairs.”(National Journal)

For what it’s worth, Cook’s analysis is spot-on: if Democrats can hold onto their majority in the Senate (and given the seats at play in 2014 that’s still a good possibility) they could conceivably run the electoral table as far out as 2018 given the states with Senate seats in both 2016 and 2018.

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