Bill O’Reilly Compares Obamacare to ‘Vicious Motorcycle Gang’   Leave a comment

You may want to wire your jaw shut beforehand lest’ you feel like picking it up every few seconds…anyway, ever since Oct.1, the Right-Wing Hate-O-Sphere has been going ballistic over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Exchanges; leading the way over on Fox News Channel the Hate News Channel has been Mr. Blowhard himself, Bill O’Reilly, who has either gotten so high on his own supply of hate OR is smoking some muy primo marijuana in order to justify saying this…quoting Crooks & Liars

[Bill O’Reilly]…Now, Mr. Obama didn’t answer the question. As you just saw he walked away from ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl. But later on he did meet with the congressional leaders and nothing was accomplished. That’s because the President is in a corner. The Syria deal made him look weak and he cannot afford to look weak again by compromising his signature issue Obamacare.

The Republicans are in a bad place as well. Another new poll out today says the Americans blame the government shutdown on Republicans by a 44 to 35 margin. But there is so much anger on the right over Obamacare that Republicans in Congress can’t back down or their careers may be ruined. The RINO charge “Republican in name only” is not an easy thing for GOP politicians to deal with.

To be fair, Republicans have little choice but to hammer Obamacare, because it’s shaping up to be a disaster. It’s like this: your teenager comes to you saying she wants to attend a dance. You have some misgivings but you say OK because she is so passionate about the issue. Then you learn that a vicious motorcycle gang may well show up at the dance, so you change your mind. Based upon best available evidence and you protect your daughter from possible danger. Obamacare is like that.

In the past few knew what the unintended consequences would be. Now, we’re seeing a loss of full-time jobs; higher health insurance premiums from many working Americans and a total lack of control by the feds in the implementation of the affordable healthcare law.
So our position must be mounted in good conscience. And Republicans are right to do that but the GOP may pay a heavy price for failing to implement a legal law.(Crooks & Liars)

….”a vicious motorcycle gang”? Maybe O’Reilly’s huffing motorcycle exhaust fumes or something but just as I said earlier in the week that there ought to be a special kind of hell for those who brought about the current government shutdown, there ought to be a special place in Hell as well for those who peddle the Right Wing’s hate for them on a regular basis.


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