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CMB Music: Depeche Mode – “Blasphemous Rumours”   Leave a comment

If New Order were the definitive standard for British alternative music groups, is it a safe bet to consider Depeche Mode in the same vein of thought on the techno-electric side of the musical spectrum?


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A Tale Of Two Elections For Republicans In 2013   Leave a comment

Sometimes I honestly wonder if today’s Republican Party isn’t just a discontented group of schizophrenics who can’t seem to figure out what they should do…quoting:

“It’s now eight days until Election Day 2013, and the featured Virginia and gubernatorial contests each pose a central question. In Virginia, the question is no longer will Democratic Terry McAuliffe win; it’s whether there will be a Democratic sweep (governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general). And in New Jersey, the question isn’t whether Gov. Chris Christie (R) will win re-election; it’s how big his margin will be and if his all-but-certain victory will allow him to run up impressive results among women, minorities, and younger voters in the exit polls. But there’s an even bigger story in next week’s Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races: You’re seeing the two different halves of the Republican Party on full display.”(NBC First Read)

If there’s one saving grace for Republicans, it may be that AG’s race in Virginia; as close as the polls are at present, that race is a virtual crapshoot…the only question is whether Mark Obenshein, the GOP candidate for Atty.Gen., can dodge enough flak from the Cuccinelli campaign to avoid getting dragged under with him.

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De Blasio Headed For Historic Victory In NYC Mayor’s Race   Leave a comment

Don’t take my word for it, though…quoting:

Bill de Blasio (D) “is poised to win the race for mayor of New York City by a historically large margin, powered by optimism that he will bring about change and by overwhelming voter disapproval of the Republican Party,” the New York Times reports.

A new New York Times/Siena poll finds de Blasio leading Joseph Lhota (R) by 45 points among likely voters, 68% to 23%.

“That lead, which has remained remarkably consistent in multiple polls over the last six weeks, suggests that Mr. de Blasio could win the most sweeping victory in a mayor’s race since 1985, when Edward I. Koch was re-elected to a third term with a crushing 68-point margin of victory over his opponents.”

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CMB Concert Of The Week: A Night With Lou Reed, 1983   Leave a comment

Lou Reed was one of the seminal figures in American rock music and he will be sorely missed in the music world…rest in peace, Lou. 😦

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Potato Snapshots   Leave a comment

Now there’s an interesting recipe for potatoes… 🙂

The Spamwise Chronicles

Roasted fingerling potatoes, with nuoc mam sauce and scallion

Roasted fingerling potatoes, with nuoc mam sauce and scallion

Roasted Mixed Fingerling Potatoes, with Nuoc Mam Sauce and Scallion


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Lou Reed   Leave a comment

Another music legend passes on…rest in peace, Lou. 😦


So Lou Reed is dead. While I haven’t blogged much about music on this site yet, it’s a big part of my life, and this news today has rocked me. It’s too early to tell for sure why Lou died, but he was 71 and had a pretty nice run for a dude who put his body through some bad, bad shit. Keith Richards somehow outlasts another one….

For a musician, Lou Reed was a great writer. He considered the records he made to be chapters in what he called his “Great American Novel”. His songs seem to me to be like reportage from the doorway to Hell. Lou made it possible for rock songs to take on real people and real situations. Let’s run through some of the topics he made music about: transvestism, murder, domestic abuse, drug abuse, S & M, violence, bingeing, insanity—what’s it all add up…

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Sepp Blatter believes current punishments for racism are “nonsense”   Leave a comment

*rolls eyes at Blatter’s comments* This is rich considering FIFA’s decision to give Russia(2018) and Qatar(2022) World Cup bids; given both countries’ abominable human-rights records Sepp Blatter is the last person you want commenting on whether FIFA punishments for bigotry are severe enough.


Sepp Blatter has called for FIFA to establish harsher punishments for teams whose fans are found guilty of racism.

At the Football Association’s 150th anniversary gala in London, Blatter declared, “It has been decided by the FIFA congress that it is a nonsense for racism to be dealt with with fines – you can always find money from somebody to pay them. It is a nonsense to have matches played without spectators because it is against the spirit of football and against the visiting team. It is all nonsense.”

So what does he propose?

“What we shall do is be very tough – we need to eliminate teams from a competition or deduct points,” Blatter said. “Only by such decisions is it possible to go against racism and discrimination. If we don’t do that it will go on and go on. We have to stop it – we need the…

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