Democrats Considering Ceding House To Preserve Senate Majority   1 comment

There’s no way to spin this other than “not good at all”….

With Democrats’ grasp on the Senate increasingly tenuous — and the House all but beyond reach — some top party donors and strategists are moving to do something in the midterm election as painful as it is coldblooded: Admit the House can’t be won and go all in to save the Senate.

Their calculation is uncomplicated. With only so much money to go around in an election year that is tilting the GOP’s way, Democrats need to concentrate resources on preserving the chamber they have now. Losing the Senate, they know, could doom whatever hopes Barack Obama has of salvaging the final years of his presidency.(Politico)

In the words of one major Democratic operative,

“There is no question that Democratic donors are shifting towards the Senate in 2014. They will continue to support Nancy, but everyone agrees that the emphasis is going to be on the Senate,” said Joe Cotchett, a prominent San Francisco trial attorney and friend of Pelosi’s who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democratic Party candidates and causes. “When you see people like [longtime California Democratic Rep.] George Miller announcing that they are not running again, you know where the money will be going.”

“…[U]nless we have a George Washington Bridge fiasco in the House,” he added, referring to the traffic scandal that has engulfed Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, “control is not going to change.”(Politico)

The more I read this, the more I’m of two minds here. On the one hand, this makes sense from a strategic standpoint: marshaling one’s resources towards defending things that are achievable (such as holding the Senate vs. fighting tooth-and-nail for House seats) makes sense as it ensures resources aren’t wasted on fool’s expeditions. On the other hand, this decision to potentially cede the House to Republicans could begin a self-defeating cycle of not fighting for winnable seats due to being in the minority. Don’t believe me? Go ask former House Republican leader Bob Michel, who served as House Minority Leader for 14 years and could never seem to get Republican leaders to fight for seats in the lower chamber, eventually retiring in 1994…just as Republicans finally regained control of that chamber. My hope, if Democrats actually do decide to do this, that they don’t fall into the same self-defeating trap.


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  1. Politics in the U.S. is about feelings not issues. People care about appearance, body language, pitch and cadence of the politician’s voice. Demeanor is very important. Nixon’s nervous and haggard appearance in contrast with the cool, dapper Kennedy. A deep voice, engaging hand gestures, intent gaze, and a sense of charm, respect and competence go very very far.

    Issues – not so much. This is why generic polls are so important on a party level election. If people like or dislike a party, this is far more important than the actual issues when it comes to house votes, less so with senate votes, and least so with presidential votes. This is also why negative ads work so well. They put feelings smack dab into contention.

    This is also why November might be a big surprise. The GOP is steadily losing the faith and good feeling of voters in general, like it did in 2006. Their stances on shutdown, unemployment, corruption, siding with the rich, blaming the middle class, alienating people that are different, being anti immigration, fighting against raising the minimum wage, these all play front and center and it is unlikely that any amount of negative ads will be enough to reverse this trend in a few months as we get closer to November.

    If democrats have closer to a presidential year turnout during a midterm election, we will sweep the country.

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