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ABC’s Resident Right-Wing Fluffer Pushes Latest Benghazi Myth   1 comment

Who needs Fox News when you’ve got Republican fluffers’ such as ABC News’ Jonathan Karl to push every tinpot theory around?

ABC’s Jonathan Karl, who was previously burned when he pushed falsehoods about CIA talking points generated in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi attacks, is now adopting the conservative distortion of a separate set of talking points authored by the White House for media appearances by then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.

On September 16, 2012, Rice appeared on the Sunday political talk shows and suggested that the Benghazi terror attacks had grown out of spontaneous protests like those that were occurring worldwide in response to an anti-Muslim video. Conservatives have claimed that Rice’s comments on the Sunday shows were part of a deliberate effort to deceive the American people about the cause of the terror attacks, to bolster President Obama’s re-election campaign. This effort has often involved distorting the CIA-approved talking points that Rice used to prepare for the interviews.

Karl came under fire in May 2013 after reporting that the network had “reviewed” emails from administration officials regarding the creation and editing of those CIA-generated talking points. While nothing Karl reported undermined assertions from the CIA that the intelligence community had approved those talking points, Karl suggested that the emails bolstered the conservative critique of the administration’s response.

In fact, Karl had never seen the emails in question — his story was based on “summaries” of the emails and “detailed notes” from a source who, it turned out, had misrepresented what the documents actually said. After media observers slammed Karl’s “sloppy” reporting, ABC News issued a statement saying that the network “should have been more precise in its sourcing of those quotes, attributing them to handwritten copies of the emails taken by a Congressional source. We regret that error.” Karl himself apologized in a statement to CNN.

Now Karl is returning to the subject of talking points used to prepare Rice for those September 16, 2012, interviews, seizing on a separate email authored by Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes that was released yesterday. The email details “Goals” and “Top-lines” for Rice’s interviews and provides sample questions and answers. […]

In what Mediaite described as a “heated back and forth” during the April 30 White House Press Briefing, Karl hyped this false attack, repeatedly challenging White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over the Rhodes email and Rice’s interviews.

During their exchange, Carney sought to make clear that the Rhodes email was not just about the Benghazi attacks but was a more extensive document detailing the situation in the Middle East more broadly, and thus that the comment that “these protests are rooted in an internet video” was not about Benghazi specifically. According to Carney, Rice depended on the CIA talking points for information on Benghazi and the White House talking points for other topics.

Conservative media have been quick to use the exchange to attack Carney and the White House. But the White House documents upon which Karl based his misleading questions support Carney’s argument.(Media Matters via. Crooks & Liars)

You know, if all Jonathan Karl’s going to do is peddle every tinpot conspiracy theory concerning Benghazi around instead of actually being a journalist, why doesn’t he just go ahead and move to Fox News? And you wonder why no one respects the chattering classes in Washington anymore…


CMB Music: Steppenwolf – “Magic Carpet Ride”   Leave a comment

…a good song to listen to as we pass the mid-week point and begin to head off into the weekend… 🙂

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Pea-Shooters vs. Ban Hammers   Leave a comment

There’s an interesting article over at Booman Tribune about how things have changed for the better in terms of culture and rhetoric, using the recent remarks made by Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling and Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson as guideposts on how the landscape has changed in regards to racism, bigotry and rhetoric. Given the aftermath of the remarks made by Messrs. Bundy and Sterling, one might expect Rep. Thompson to get a similar media thrashing…good luck to all the wingnuts expecting one; it ain’t happening anytime soon.

Why? Because, when taken into context, while Rep. Thompson’s remarks may have been hyperbolus and over-the-top, his remarks were entirely justified given the prevailing political environment that the Right has created in America at present…which means that while he may get loads of criticism, he’ll still have a place at the American table, whereas Messrs. Bundy and Sterling will – and have – deservedly gotten the rhetorical equivalents of a message-board ban-hammer due to their respective statements/remarks.

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Congrats, Patty! 🙂


I DID IT!!!!!


I completed the NaPoWriMo challenge! 🙂

30 poems in 30 days, wow that was a tough one!

But I had so much fun doing this challenge, I am sure that I will participate next year as well. 🙂

Thank you all so much for reading. ❤

One last little poem that more or less covers the whole month for me…

Dedicated to all who suffer from PTSD

Lots of Love


mini poem

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CMB Music: Earth, Wind & Fire – “Let’s Groove”   2 comments

…sometimes, you just gotta’ get up and dance… 😉

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Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Fined $2.5 Million and Banned for Life by NBA over Racist Comments   Leave a comment

I’m of two minds here…on the one hand, the NBA should definitely be applauded for its’ decision here; racism and bigotry have no place in polite society and Mr. Sterling’s comments were deeply offensive. On the other hand, given Mr. Sterling’s history of discrimination and discriminatory-related remarks, one has to wonder why it even came to this point.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued sweeping sanctions against Donald Sterling on Tuesday in response to controversial remarks about blacks purportedly made by Sterling. Silver said the Clippers owner was fined $2.5 million and was banned from any association with the team for life. Silver added that he would urge other owners to force a sale of the team.

Silver said the lifetime ban would stand regardless of whether Sterling was ultimately forced to sell the team he’s owned for 33 years. The commissioner said the NBA constitution allowed owners to eject Sterling if three-quarters of the owners voted in favor of such a move, and that he would commence the process of expulsion immediately.

“I fully expect to get the support I need from the other NBA owners to remove him,” said Silver, who appeared visibly agitated throughout his remarks.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tweeted…

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…maybe its’ just me, but “Midnight Express” is one of the best damned movies to ever be made…just saying, folks. 😉

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