Pea-Shooters vs. Ban Hammers   Leave a comment

There’s an interesting article over at Booman Tribune about how things have changed for the better in terms of culture and rhetoric, using the recent remarks made by Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling and Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson as guideposts on how the landscape has changed in regards to racism, bigotry and rhetoric. Given the aftermath of the remarks made by Messrs. Bundy and Sterling, one might expect Rep. Thompson to get a similar media thrashing…good luck to all the wingnuts expecting one; it ain’t happening anytime soon.

Why? Because, when taken into context, while Rep. Thompson’s remarks may have been hyperbolus and over-the-top, his remarks were entirely justified given the prevailing political environment that the Right has created in America at present…which means that while he may get loads of criticism, he’ll still have a place at the American table, whereas Messrs. Bundy and Sterling will – and have – deservedly gotten the rhetorical equivalents of a message-board ban-hammer due to their respective statements/remarks.


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