Fox News Host Calls Out Iraq War Hawks For Wanting To Get Us Involved There Again   Leave a comment

Either Fox News’ Shepard Smith has got balls the size of Jupiter or he’s got some serious dirt on Rupert Murdoch & Company; how else can anyone explain how come he’s the only sane one there:

Smith: Are we about to be drawn back into a conflict in Iraq? The same people who 12 years ago told us this will be quick, this will be easy, this will be inexpensive, they will see us as liberators, it’s the right thing to do, are now telling us, ‘It’s the right thing to do.’ What’s the endgame? Who’s thought this through?(Fox News via. Crooks & Liars)

Once again, the chickenhawks (Bush-43, Darth Cheney & his evil spawn, Condi Rice, Rummy, etc.) who brought us the Iraq War apparently want us to expend more blood & treasure in that godforsaken land…and Shep called them out on it. Later on in his show, while interviewing Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace, he had this gem of a comment:

Smith: I don’t think people understand how serious this is yet. I’m talking about people out there because what happened was, we went to war after they told us, Paul Wolfowitz stood up and told us there are no sectarian troubles in iraq, remember? he was talking to Eric Shinseki at the time Chris, remember that? Said there are no sectarian problems in Iraq like we’ve seen in other places, they’re not going to rise up against each other. There’s no evidence of that. That’s what they told us.

Then we went in there, we went in for eleven years, then we drew down as President Bush set a time line and president Obama got out. And when we drew down we asked to keep some soldiers there And Nuri-al Maliki said no to an agreement. Then we left. Their sectarian civil war began and they’re ringing us up on the phone asking us to come back because the half million men we trained quit, have melted away in the face of a few hundred insurgents. That’s what they’re wanting. Is there anybody pushing back?

To quote Crooks & Liars’ Jon Amato…“All in all, an impressive performance from Shep Smith. Keep it up, please.” For what its’ worth, I agree w/Amato…I’m also of a mind to ask: if Shep’s this smart, what the hell’s he still doing there at Fox?


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