Limbaugh: “Leftist Political Attitude” Caused Robin Williams To Kill Himself   3 comments

Sometimes there are simply no words to express how sick Rush Limbaugh can be at times; case in point, Limbaugh’s words below regarding the death of comedic icon Robin Williams

Radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said that actor Robin Williams’ alleged suicide was caused by his “political leftist” state of mind.

“What is the left’s world view in general?” Limbaugh asked his audience the day after Williams’ death was announced. “If you had to attach, not a philosophy, but an attitude to a leftist world view. It’s one of pessimism, and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy, are they?”

“They’re animated in large part by the false promises of America because the promises of America are not for everyone,” he continued, pointing to a Fox News report that suggested Williams had struggled with financial issues, and survivor’s guilt after the deaths of entertainers like Christopher Reeve, Andy Kaufman and John Belushi.

“Robin Williams felt guilty that he was still alive while his three friends had died young, and much earlier than he had.” the conservative talker explained. “He could never get over the guilt that they died and he didn’t.”

“Well, that is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists in judging the country.”(Media Matters via. Crooks & Liars)

Like I said at the beginning of this post, there are simply no words here..except for this: Fuck you, Rush…no really, fuck you. You couldn’t even wait for Williams’ to be in the ground before slagging on him, couldn’t you, you lower-than-low sack of whale shit? Do us all a damned favor, Rushbo, and crawl back under whatever motherfuckin’ rock you came out from; better still, while you’re under that damned rock, wash your mouth out with bleach…the world would be an infinitely better place if you did.

H/T to Crooks & Liars


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3 responses to “Limbaugh: “Leftist Political Attitude” Caused Robin Williams To Kill Himself

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  1. what a stupid thing for Rush to say !

    • No kidding…every time one thinks that there has to be a limit to the depths El Rushbo will go, he goes and sails right past them.

      • L O L ! I have to admit to listening to Rush off and on for years. Believe it or not, he was very different in the past. I have to admit being more than a tad conservative. . . Rush was the first conservative radio talk show host that I had heard. He was very creative and humorous in his presentation of very serious topics. Now, years later he is just boring , predictable, and downright mean. Maybe it is the result of his drug addiction or his hearing loss, but maybe it is his true character all along!

        Now here is true confessions: Glen Beck has that charm, satire, and humor that Rush used to have, though he is deadly serious in the topics. He remembers that first and foremost , radio is entertainment !

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