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Ben Carson Is An Idiot   Leave a comment

…either that or he’s seriously delusional:

“I am a little shocked quite frankly looking at the AP course in American history that’s being taught in high schools across out country right now,” Carson said. “There’s only two paragraphs in there about George Washington. George Washington! Little or nothing about Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Carson then lamented a few negative aspects of history included in the course framework like “a whole section on slavery and how evil we are,” Japanese internment camps, and “how we wiped out American Indians with no mercy.”

“I think most people when they finish that course, they’d be ready to go sign up for ISIS. I mean, this is what we’re doing to the young people in our nation,” he said. “We have got to stop crucifying ourselves. Have we made mistakes as a nation? Of course we have. Why? Because we’re people. And all people make mistakes.”(Talking Points Memo)

There are no words for this kind of idiocy…and Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon? If I were a family member of any of his patients, I’d be wanting a refund on any surgeries of his…but the serious point here is this: as someone who – years ago in high school, mind you – took an AP History class or two, I can still remember a good chunk of the course material and there was plenty of mention of George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr…which means either Carson’s fucking lying in the quote above or he’s simply delusional as hell. Maybe both, come to think of it.

I know what my dad – a school teacher for over 30 years – would’ve said had he read Dr. Carson’s words above: “Dr. Carson, I wouldn’t presume to tell you how to operate, so would you please get the fuck out of my classroom?”


Pasta in asian style peanut and sesame sauce   Leave a comment

*reads over recipe* Hmm…this looks interesting; I’ll have to try it sometime. 🙂

Chitra's Healthy Kitchen

Pasta tofu


This is an Asian inspired pasta dish which had nutty peanut and sesame taste. You can adopt the spice and veggies as per the taste and preference. This pasta can be served hot or cold.

Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many Asian dishes.

Enjoy this pasta for breakfast or lunch/dinner. I served this with tofu-kale dumplings (link)

Health Benefits:

Peanuts are tasty way to add the protein, nutrients to the weekly diet.

Sesame seeds an excellent source of nutrients and dietary fiber. They have a special substance which helps in cholesterol-lowering effect in humans, and to prevent high blood pressure.

Serves: 3-4 servings
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes

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Another Boehner Coup Attempt Expected In Next Congress   Leave a comment

…don’t you just feel sorry for Speaker John of Orange?

Speaker John A. Boehner is on a stronger footing with the House GOP rank and file than he has been in years. But when the new Congress convenes in January, that won’t stop the party’s anti-Boehner wing from staging another revolt. Lawmakers and aides say Boehner has improved his position in the GOP conference since the start of 2013, when 12 Republicans surprised the Ohio Republican on the floor by refusing to vote for him as speaker. That 2013 coup attempt went nowhere, but the anti-Boehner effort in the new 114th Congress is counting on reinforcements. At least five conservatives likely to win in November already say they’re apt to support someone else for speaker. Several current members — Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Louie Gohmert of Texas — openly admit they won’t support Boehner. And even members who support the speaker acknowledge he will face opposition. Indiana Republican Marlin Stutzman told CQ Roll Call he will be voting for Boehner come January, but said there could be anywhere between “20 and 50” other Republicans voting against Boehner on the floor.

“It’s interesting, you know, some of the people that have approached me,” Stutzman said. “[I was] surprised that they were in that camp. It’s not your typical, traditional folks you would think.”

Stutzman’s office said his number is simply speculation. And even if there are enough votes to initially keep the speaker’s gavel from Boehner’s hand, there is no challenger yet to the man who has reigned atop the Republican Conference for nearly nine years.

“I think it’s hard to beat somebody with nobody,” Stutzman said.(MSN News)

…then again, given the nature of the current GOP, who’d want the damn job of Speaker anyway? Anyone..anyone…Bueller?!? 

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Congressional Hispanic Caucus 37th Annual Awards Gala   Leave a comment

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CMB Music: Joy Division – “Isolation”   Leave a comment

…listening to this reminds me, “why do we have to put up with the crap that mostly passes for music nowadays? Why?”

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I saw this photo and had to share.   Leave a comment

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Authors United vs. Amazon? I’ll Side With Amazon On This One…   Leave a comment

…especially after reading J.A. Konrath’s thoughts on the topic at hand. As I see it – and as Konrath sees it as well – the problem isn’t Amazon trying to screw over writers, its’ Authors United (and Hachette and the other major publishers) trying to royally fuck over Amazon in an effort to protect AU’s resident monopoly.

How so? Because, as we’ve seen over the years, there are going to be Luddites’ out there who are afraid of what the future holds and are thus willing to strangle anyone – and any business model – that doesn’t conform to their protection-racket style of business…which is precisely what AU seems to support, if you read Mr. Konrath’s post linked above.

Think about it for a moment…when DVDs’ came around, did it kill the video industry? When MP3s’ arrived, did it kill the music industry? When e-books arrived, did it kill writing? Answer…no, no, and no. Those industries adapted, persevered and continued on..and so will writing, both as an art form and as a living for thousands of writers out there.

So, for what its’ worth, Authors United can go jump in a lake, for all I care; as a consumer of literary items (read, books), I – along with millions of other indivudals – should be able to peruse Amazon and other e-book publishing and sales places for the books of our choosing, regardless of what AU and its’ legacy publishers think…and I say this as someone who doesn’t particularly care for ebooks.

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