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How An Ayn Rand Acolyte Tanked Sears   Leave a comment

Next time someone tells you how good of a philosophy Ayn Rand had, point them towards the mess that Eddie Lampert – he of the John Galt, Harvard MBA style – took two pretty successful companies, Sears & Kmart and ran them into the mo-fo’n ground.

Just read the Crooks & Liars article for all the gory details..and trust me, they’re gory.


WATCH: Premier League TV schedule – Week 10   Leave a comment

Go, Liverpool!


[nbcsports_video src= width=620 height=381]

Week 10 of the 2014-15  Premier League season is almost upon us as the big boys are hoping for some big wins this weekend, plus the Manchester derby will take center stage. The full TV schedule is below, as are details of how you can watch every game live on your TVs, mobile devices or online via NBC Sports Live Extra. 

It all kicks off on Saturday morning, as Newcastle United host Liverpool (Watch live, 8:45 a.m. ET on NBCSN, online via Live Extra) at St James’ Park . Then at 11 a.m. ET the focus switches to Stamford Bridge as Chelsea host West London rivals QPR (Watch live, 11 a.m. ET on NBCSN, online via Live Extra) with the Blues eager aiming to keep their unbeaten start to the season against the R’s.

[WATCH: Premier League online via Live Extra]

Then on Sunday, the Manchester derby take place as Manchester City welcome Manchester…

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Black History. I like It. Too Bad If You Don’t.   Leave a comment

To borrow & paraphrase the quote, “All history matters.”..this is but one part of it.

The Militant Negro™


Featured Image -- 91192

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate

TRUTH SPEAKS PT.1: Are Black Panthers The Same As K.K.K.?

Published on Aug 24, 2014

Some People Like To Compare The Two As If They’re The Same Type Of Group! I Beg To Differ. TRUTH IS REAL. I’ll Let The Sister Drop The Knowledge To You. Thanks blackeducationtv! Subscribe & Share!

The Full Civil Rights Movment

Uploaded on Jul 5, 2009

Civil Rights Movement full kkk dead segregation rosa park mlk martin Luther king black panther discrimination dog police brutality oboma black freedom ride school brown vs board over education jim crow south hatred north civil war johnny rebel bus boycott Montgomery little rock sit ins time line medgar evers byron de la beckwith march on Washington i have a dream Core Sncc vote freedom summer president johnson civil rights act of 1964 Malcolm X Muslim voting rights literacy test Huey newton bobby…

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Random Thought, 30 October 2014   Leave a comment

…to the person on Twitter who thought it was cute to tell me to stop posting musical tweets….who the hell died and made you Twitter God?

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For All My Artists…and You are ALL Artists…   Leave a comment

Well said, Barbara! Well said! 🙂


It’s happened to every one of us — we present something we’ve created to someone whose opinion matters to us and hear “that’s not very good” or “oh.  That’s nice” in the condescending voice we all know and hate to so much.

I’ve found another Ted Talk by David Kelley about the process of being creative, even after we’ve been told we’re not.
Please keep it in mind the next time you’re told something that tries to shut your creativity down.  Because we are all creative, in our own ways.  Every single one of us.

Including you.





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Tampa Tribune Fires Homophobic Columnist   Leave a comment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we, as Americans, have the right to speak our minds – and I’ll defend that right, no matter the cost…what we, as Americans, do not have is the right to escape the consequences of said free speech. Just ask now-former Tampa Tribune columnist Douglas MacKinnon:

Douglas MacKinnon, one of the most conservative and controversial columnists to grace the pages of a Tampa Bay daily newspaper in many a year, has been fired from theTampa Tribune, sources tell CL.

The Trib isn’t saying anything officially. Metro Editor Dennis Joyce told CL that “It’s a personnel matter,” and refused to confirm or deny MacKinnon’s firing. But his name and work have been scrubbed off the paper’s website (On Tuesday his work was back on the site).

In all probability it’s because of the embarrassment to the paper.

That’s because of a book he’s just published in which he calls on the Southern U.S. states to secede from the rest of the country, because of the South’s more conservative stance on same-sex marriage and other rights pertaining to the LGBT community. Entitled The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creating a Traditional Values Country…Now, the book envisions a new Southern region called Reagan,after our 40th president, and would consist of Florida, South Carolina and Georgia. Not Texas, however, because, well, frankly, there are too many Mexicans there.

After his appearance on a conservative radio program  in which he discussed the book, the website Right Wing Watch picked up on his remarks, which then drew the attention of Huffington Post, Salon and Talking Points Memo.(CL Tampa)

Maybe its’ just me, but I’m betting his next stop will probably be over at Fox News to play the victim card…

H/T to Crooks & Liars

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At the end of the day … “The Mirror of the Soul”!!   1 comment

It Is What It Is

~~October 26, 2014~~ 

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.”

~~Paulo Coelho, Manuscript Found in Accra~~


The attire of the body and the laughter of the teeth and the gait of the man show what he is.

“Just as one discerns and knows a person by his appearance and way of being, one also knows the secret of a person’s soul by his face. The face of the hypocrite pretends to have humility, equity, and justice; however, if the prudent and wise man examines him long and attentively, he will detect the hypocrisy.

“The face, therefore, is the image of the heart, and the eyes are the mirror of the soul and its affections. One finds this principally in tumultuous and vile men who conceal their badness for a…

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