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White House Denies Considering Executive Action On Closing Gitmo   Leave a comment

…given Congress’s unwillingness to do anything, why shouldn’t the President do something?

WASHINGTON – The White House on Thursday denied a report that President Barack Obama is putting together options for executive action to close the controversial U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in defiance of congressional wishes.

The Wall Street Journal, citing administration officials, reported that the White House was “drafting options” to close the facility by overriding a ban put in place by Congress that prohibits prisoners from being brought to the United States.

“Since the president came into office in 2009 the administration has been examining all possible ways we could get to closure of the facility, but we are not drafting options to override the law,” said Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council.

“We are continuing to work on transfers (of prisoners) and calling on Congress to lift restrictions.”

Obama has vowed since his 2008 presidential campaign to close the prison camp, which critics say violates U.S. principles by keeping detainees locked up without trial.(MSN News/Reuters)

As a country, we’re better than this…Mr. President, close Guantanamo Bay!


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Supreme Court Extends Marriage Equality In 11 More States   1 comment

…to quote Joe Biden’s infamous words, “this is a big f’n deal”…

The Supreme Court on Monday denied appeals from Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin in which those states sought to prohibit same-sex marriage. The decision also means couples in six other states — Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming — should be able to get married soon.

The development effectively raises the number of states with legal same-sex marriage from 19 to 30 — a majority of U.S. states — and means that as many as 60 percent of Americans will be living in states that have legalized the practice.(U.S. News & World Report)

So, basically, what the Supreme Court did here is that, in declining to hear appeals from the 4th & 10th Circuits, they effectively rules in favor of overtuning same-sex marriage bans in the states directly affected – and by extension, the other states in the two particular circuits.

As the saying goes, the arc of justice is long but it truly does bend towards justice…

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Why Does The Right Hate America So?   Leave a comment

Perhaps its’ because of stuff like this perhaps?

Janice Shaw Crouse, who until very recently was an official at Concerned Women for America, came back from the Putin-backed International Family Forum in Moscow last week, and was very impressed by Russia’s resistance to the European trends toward LGBT equality and reproductive rights and refusal to “capitulate[e] to western LGBTIQ fascists.”

In an essay for the American Thinker, Crouse recalls how Russia successfully resisted the advances of Napoleon and Hitler. “Now come Obama, Kerry, Clinton and the rest of the LGBTIQ’s claque who bluster, sanction, and slander pro-family Russian leaders,” she writes.

“Meanwhile, the radical Islamist jihadist have taken the measure of the decadent West with its vast technological superiority (but moral and spiritual bankruptcy) and have decided they can with beat us with suicide bombers,” she continues. “And as long as we are led by thinkers who not only fail to recognize the importance of (but actively fight against) something as elementary and fundamental as the necessity to a society of having the foundational strength of families lead by a mothers and fathers, then perhaps the jihadist are right.”

“Perhaps we will simply, once again, capitulate to Jihadism just as we have to LGBTIQism and so many other hollow ‘isms,’” she writes. “But if after witnessing the miracle of Russia’s unblinking repudiation of the blight and sorrows of its own Marxist experiment, I wouldn’t bet on the Russians capitulating to western LGBTIQ fascists without a fight.”(Right Wing Watch)

I don’t know what’s worse here: the idea that America should seek to emulate such friendly human-rights bastions such as Russia or that conservatives in this country seem to really, really hate our own set of values and ideals…either way, I’d love to see Americans of all stripes call out people such as Ms. Crouse for their words here.

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AFA Official Wants All Immigrants To Convert To Christianity   2 comments

What part of the 1st Amendment does Bryan Fischer not understand?

On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer recommended that the United States adopt an immigration policy based upon the Bible, meaning that all immigrants must convert to Christianity and completely leave behind their native practices, beliefs, culture, and language.

If we “did immigration God’s way,” Fischer said, that would mean that “those who came to our shores would be expected to adopt our religious values and traditions — that would mean Christianity and not Islam — and they would leave behind their religion and their god.”

“That would mean leaving behind Islam and Allah,” he explained, as well as adopting Judeo-Christian values, which means they they would not be allowed to complain about the sale or consumption of bacon or the inability to obtain Halal foods.

“If this were to happen,” he concluded, “we would have one god, we would have one law, we would have one culture, and we would have one language.”(Right Wing Watch)

You can watch the gory details above…ironically, it ain’t the first time Fischer’s gone off-the-rails like that; he did the same thing back in 2011 and went so far that the American Family Association yanked his words from their site, albeit so that they could clean the words up later on.

Kareem: The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race   Leave a comment

Normally, I don’t like to touch the issue of race directly as NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote about recently in Time Magazine but there’s a blurb about what he wrote over at Crooks & Liars and it is well-worth reading, if not for any other reason than to make you think about the topic at hand. Quoting the excerpt over at C & L:

This fist-shaking of everyone’s racial agenda distracts America from the larger issue that the targets of police overreaction are based less on skin color and more on an even worse Ebola-level affliction: being poor. Of course, to many in America, being a person of color is synonymous with being poor, and being poor is synonymous with being a criminal. Ironically, this misperception is true even among the poor.

And that’s how the status quo wants it…

The U.S. Census Report finds that 50 million Americans are poor. Fifty million voters is a powerful block if they ever organized in an effort to pursue their common economic goals. So, it’s crucial that those in the wealthiest One Percent keep the poor fractured by distracting them with emotional issues like immigration, abortion and gun control so they never stop to wonder how they got so screwed over for so long.(Time Magazine via. Crooks & Liars)

If you think about it, Kareem Abdul Jabbar nails it right on the head and reminds us that one reason why you see politicians and other Americans attempt to demonize people along various lines is not just to keep us divided but also to keep working-class Americans of all stripes from wanting to help and support those at the very bottom of the economic and societal ladder. Put simply, we Americans need to break and shatter the status quo once and for all and that means all of us of good will, all of us who seek to build a better society for our fellow Americans, need to really start working together..and the sooner, the better.

North Carolina AG Declines To Defend Anti-Marriage Amendment   Leave a comment

Following today’s decision by the 4th Circuit that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, North Carolina’s Attorney General – and presumptive 2016 gubernatorial candidate – Roy Cooper, announced earlier today that his office wouldn’t defend the Old North State’s respective ban (known as Amendment 1) when and if it ever goes in front of a judge…quoting WRAL:

Following a federal appeals court ruling Monday that Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said his office would no longer oppose challenges to the state’s constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage.(WRAL, Raleigh)

In his announcement, Cooper – speaking through the AG’s office – stated that:

“It’s time to stop making arguments we will lose and instead move forward, knowing that the ultimate resolution will likely come from the United States Supreme Court”(WRAL)

Adding that…

“All federal courts have rejected these arguments each and every time, so it’s time for the state of North Carolina to stop making them,” he said. “There’s really no argument left to be made.”(WRAL)

For what its’ worth, its’ about damn time; as far as I am concerned, marriage is a civil right and it should never have been brought before the voters of this state…both common decency and the rule of law make it clear that rights are and should never be subject to the whims of a fickle majority. AG Cooper’s decision also makes sense legally: ever since the 2013 Windsor decision, state after state (including a bunch of very-red states, I might add), have seen their respective marriage bans overturned and it was only a matter of time before North Carolina’s got to the head of the line; better to go ahead and stake a position on the issue now before the courts rule.

H/T to Daily Kos

Is Liberal Nationalism Still Essential Nowadays?   Leave a comment

There’s an interesting article over at Daily Kos concerning liberal nationalism, and I’m of two minds reading it. On the one hand, the kind of liberal nationalism espoused by DK writer Ian Reifowitz (what he refers to as ‘civic nationalism’) is and should be an essential part of what makes America such a unique country. On the other hand, it – like any other form of nationalism – can be abused if in the wrong hands and that is a concern that we have to consider.

In a sense, this topic reminds me of an MSNBC commercial with former host Martin Bashir from a few years ago when he talked about the balance of community and individualism that makes America such a unique country; as long as we can keep that balance, America will still be a great country.

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