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Another Boehner Coup Attempt Expected In Next Congress   Leave a comment

…don’t you just feel sorry for Speaker John of Orange?

Speaker John A. Boehner is on a stronger footing with the House GOP rank and file than he has been in years. But when the new Congress convenes in January, that won’t stop the party’s anti-Boehner wing from staging another revolt. Lawmakers and aides say Boehner has improved his position in the GOP conference since the start of 2013, when 12 Republicans surprised the Ohio Republican on the floor by refusing to vote for him as speaker. That 2013 coup attempt went nowhere, but the anti-Boehner effort in the new 114th Congress is counting on reinforcements. At least five conservatives likely to win in November already say they’re apt to support someone else for speaker. Several current members — Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Louie Gohmert of Texas — openly admit they won’t support Boehner. And even members who support the speaker acknowledge he will face opposition. Indiana Republican Marlin Stutzman told CQ Roll Call he will be voting for Boehner come January, but said there could be anywhere between “20 and 50” other Republicans voting against Boehner on the floor.

“It’s interesting, you know, some of the people that have approached me,” Stutzman said. “[I was] surprised that they were in that camp. It’s not your typical, traditional folks you would think.”

Stutzman’s office said his number is simply speculation. And even if there are enough votes to initially keep the speaker’s gavel from Boehner’s hand, there is no challenger yet to the man who has reigned atop the Republican Conference for nearly nine years.

“I think it’s hard to beat somebody with nobody,” Stutzman said.(MSN News)

…then again, given the nature of the current GOP, who’d want the damn job of Speaker anyway? Anyone..anyone…Bueller?!? 


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Senate Republicans Hold Up Funding For Rape Kit Testing   1 comment

Petty…just petty. Remind me again which party perpetuates the War on Women?

For weeks, Republicans in the Senate have held up an $180 billion spending bill that would direct money to several federal agencies, from the Justice Department to the Department of Transportation. […] But one specific provision that’s being held up has victims’ advocates particularly worried: A $41 million grant to help states and localities go after rapists by funding jurisdictions to process backlogs of rape kits, the samplings of biological evidence that are taken after a sexual assault and used to identify attackers. […]

Experts estimate that there are over 100,000 untested kits sitting on shelves at scores of police departments and crime lab storage facilities around the country, partly because states and localities lack the money needed to process them.(Mother Jones via. Daily Kos)

Now, the fact that these rape kits are going untested is an evil among evils..but its’ why the funding to get them tested is being held up that is truly – and pettily – evil…

One of those amendments, sponsored by McConnell, would make it harder for the EPA to enact new rules on coal-fired power plants. (His home state of Kentucky has a big coal industry). Another amendment—a longtime favorite of Sen. David Vitter (R-La.)—would strip Obamacare subsidies from congressional staffers.(Mother Jones via. Daily Kos)

Now I want you to think about second set of quotes there long and hard…what the GOP is basically doing is trying to scuttle a comprehensive funding bill for the Justice Department and other assorted agencies by dropping political poison pills in it an effort to (a)scuttle the bill on the whole and (b)create cowardly sucker votes that the GOP can then use against legislators later on.

Cowards…the Republican Party are a bunch of political cowards.

House GOP Votes To Sue President Obama…For Not Implementing Obamacare Faster   1 comment

Excuse my language here, but sometimes you can’t make this shit up

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 225 to 201 on Wednesday to authorizeSpeaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) to sue President Barack Obama and others in his administration for failure to fully implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Ironically, all of those Republicans voting for a lawsuit to force faster implementation of the healthcare reform law have repeatedly backed its full repeal. Five Republicans joined every Democrat present in opposing the measure.

The resolution gives Boehner the authority to file or intervene federal court cases “to seek any appropriate relief regarding the failure of the President, the head of any department or agency, or any other officer or employee of the executive branch, to act in a manner consistent with that official’s duties under the Constitution and laws of the United States” relating to failure to implement provisions of Obamacare. ” The aim of this, Boehner has stated, is to sue the Obama for “his decision to extend — twice — the deadline to institute the employer mandate in his health care law.”(Think Progress)

So let me get this straight: the House won’t work on immigration reform, transportation issues, employment anti-discrimination legislation…but they’ll vote to sue the President for using his legal authority under the law to exercise transition relief with regards to the ACA, as accorded to the executive branch under section 7805a of the Internal Revenue Code, which allows the government to postpone implementation of legislative acts within certain limits. Sometimes, I seriously have to wonder if we shouldn’t just isolate the House of Representatives so that their insanity doesn’t infect the rest of America…that is, if it isn’t already too late to do so.

Dana Milbank Is An Idiot   Leave a comment

Someone needs to tell Dana Milbank to stop hitting the mescaline so damn hard when he’s writing for WaPo

The prevailing view is that a Republican Senate would only compound Obama’s woes by bottling up confirmations, doubling the number of investigations and chipping away at Obamacare and other legislative achievements.
Yet there’s a chance that having an all-Republican Congress would help Obama — and even some White House officials have wondered privately whether a unified Republican Congress would be better than the current environment. Republicans, without Harry Reid to blame, would own Congress — a body that inspires a high level of confidence in just 7 percent of Americans, according to a Gallup survey last month finding Congress at a new low and at the bottom of all institutions tested.(Washington Post)

Sure, a Republican-controlled Senate will give Obama an out if nothing else moves forward, Dana…and I’m also going to be able to someday score a date with U.S. Women’s soccer star Alex Morgan, aren’t I? Continuing on…

There would be no more excuses for Republicans’ failure to put forward their own health-care plan, immigration proposals, specific cuts to popular government programs, and pet causes involving abortion, birth control and gay rights. This would set up real clashes with Obama — who could employ the veto pen he hasn’t used a single time since Republicans gained control of the House in 2010 — and sharp contrasts that would put him on the winning side of public opinion.

It is not hard to imagine a Republican takeover of the Senate causing conservatives in both chambers to overreach. House Republicans would get more pressure from their base to take a swing at impeachment, because the odds of convicting Obama in the Senate would be better (if still prohibitive). Alternatively, Republican leaders, recognizing that the public will hold them responsible now that they have complete control of Congress, might try to compromise with Obama.(Washington Post)

If your brain hasn’t yet dissolved into congealed mash yet, Milbank continues…

Alternatively, Republican leaders, recognizing that the public will hold them responsible now that they have complete control of Congress, might try to compromise with Obama…
…I hold out hope that a Congress under unified Republican control might react the way it did during Bill Clinton’s presidency, producing a balanced budget and welfare reform.(Washington Post)

The more I read Dana Milbank’s analysis here, the more its’ like having Tim Conway as your dentist; the process might be funny to watch but the end result would royally suck. Put simply, this is not the same GOP that Bill Clinton worked with during his presidency; four+ years of Tea Party poison have forever altered the Republican Party into something that is nigh-impossible to understand, let alone reason with.

And Dana Milbank thinks letting them run both ends of Congress might make things better? Forget the mescaline; me thinks Milbank’s been drinking from a vat of Moloko Plus.

House To Sue President Obama Over Use Of Executive Orders   Leave a comment

There’s a word for this: hypocrisy.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) confirmed Wednesday that he will file a federal lawsuit challenging the executive actions of President Barack Obama, despite supporting President George W. Bush’s extensive use of executive authority.
Boehner said at a news conference, “You know the constitution makes it clear that the president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws and in my view the President has not faithfully executed the laws.” He added that the suit was “about defending the institution in which we serve” because “what we’ve seen clearly over the past 5 years is an effort to erode the power of the legislative branch.” He refused to say which specific actions he believes to be illegal.(Think Progress)

My question to Speaker John of Orange: where the hell were you & your fellow Republicans during the prior administration when Dubya issued 291 executive orders across the eight years of that wretched administration..oh, wait, I forgot…IOKIYAR.

Federal Deficit Falls At Fastest Rate Since World War II   Leave a comment

Next time deficit scolds tell you we need to keep cutting and cutting federal expenditures – never mind their effect on the economy – remind them that the federal budget is already heading in that direction

The federal budget deficit fell faster last year than in any year since the end of World War II, according to a Treasury Department report on Thursday. It declined from $1.1 trillion in 2012 to $680 billion in 2013.

That represents the smallest deficit since 2008 in nominal terms. It’s now 4.1 percent of GDP, dropping from a high of more than 10 percent during the depths of the recession. It’s less than half of what it was in 2009, when the recession ended.(Think Progress)


(Image credit: New York Times)

2 factors are driving the above deficit decreases: higher tax revenues and austerity measures passed over the past few years, resulting in the sharpest decline in federal deficits since World War II…which is all good & well except for the simple fact that had austerity not become the watchword of the day amongst the chattering classes of Washington:

…without the deep spending cuts, the health of the economy would look much better. There would have been 2.4 million additional jobs since 2010. The deficit would have improved even faster without last year’s automatic sequestration cuts, which are still continuing for many programs.(Think Progress)

Paying The Piper   Leave a comment

H/T to Booman Tribune

The more and more I read the above article over at Booman Tribune about how everything the Republicans have been doing this year is complete and utter bullshit and fodder for the mouth-breathing Tealiban, the more I’m reminded of what a Louisiana convict on an episode of MSNBC’s Lockup once said about paying the piper, to wit (paraphrasing):

You can dance with the devil, but the devil’s gonna’ get his due in the end.

Unfortunately, the GOP’s Sturm und Drang bullshit is about to take the entire country down with it, which makes it all the more imperative for people to vote in 2014 and get those clowns out as soon as possible…

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