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Another Boy-Wonder Stunt From James O’Keefe   Leave a comment

You know, there’s stupid..there’s criminally stupid…and then there’s the Right’s favorite boy-wonder Johnny Knoxville wannabe, James O’Keefe:

In the stupid is as stupid does file, James O’Keefe, a conservative film maker and would be community activist, went to Canada and then crossed back over into the United States wearing a garb that looked like an ISIS/ISIL uniform carrying a duffle bag labeled RICIN, and all to show would be terrorists such as ISIL just how easy it is to sneak into the United States from Canada.(Breitbart Unmasked via. Crooks & Liars)

Now, I know I’m not the sharpest rainbow-colored tool in the political toolshed but even I know the last thing anyone should do is essentially give any would-be terrorist a roadmap on how to enter the country surreptitiously…to quote Crooks & Liars:

What’s next from O’Keefe, a handbook on how to make weapons from every day household supplies like in the old Anarchists Cookbook from Paladin Press?


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Heads Should Roll   Leave a comment

In my opinion, anything less than resignations across the board – from Commissioner Goodell on down the line – is an insult, not just to those who are victims of domestic violence but to all of us who believe in the rule of law.

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Bad Guys With Guns Hold Up Gun Range Patrons   Leave a comment

Oh, the schadenfreude is thick here, isn’t it?

[Philadelphia] police are asking for the public’s help tracking down the second suspect responsible for robbing gun range customers of at least nine weapons and shooting a 67-year-old man.

Authorities identified the missing robber as 27-year-old Jeffrey Chandler.

Officials say Chandler, who stands 5-feet 10-inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds, has numerous tattoos on both arms. The most distinctive tattoo is the word – “Stretch” – located on his right hand, they say.

Investigators say Chandler fired the shot that wounded one of the victims.

Chandler’s alleged accompolice, 21-year-old Samiyyah Poteat turned herself in to authorities on June 13 after seeing herself in surveillance video of the crimes.

She faces multiple charges including attempted homicide, robbery and aggravated assault.(NBC Philadelphia)

Normally, I don’t make fun of crime victims – God knows they’ve been through enough – but this is an exception to that rule…maybe someone should ask Wayne LaPierre, ‘where were all the good guys with guns, ya’ sonuvabitch?

H/T to Crooks & Liars & NBC Philadelphia

Libertarian Defends Actions Of Vegas Cop Killers   Leave a comment

Remember Adam Kokesh? You know, that libertarian fellow who thought it’d be a great idea to go marching around Washington, D.C., with a bevy of loaded weapons? Well…he’s back, unfortunately:

A libertarian gun activist — who was convicted on weapons charges after he carried a loaded shotgun in downtown Washington, D.C. — this week defended two people who recently went on a shooting rampage in Las Vegas, killing two police officers and another person.

On his Wednesday Internet show, Adam Kokesh blasted the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for noting that Jerad and Amanda Miller had been inspired by his gun activism.

“You’re not going to get away with it this time USA Today and SPLC,” Kokesh insisted, arguing that the shooters had acted because “authority has become a homicidal institution against freedom.”(Crooks & Liars)

Yeah…he actually thinks the two people who killed the pair of cops in Vegas were heroes…what…the…..fuck?!? What’s even worse is that he actually rationalizes what they did:

Kokesh asserted that the slaying of the two officers was not “murder” because police are likely to kill people.

“Let’s say someone is going around stabbing people, like just stabbing people,” he opined. “It’s not murder to kill someone in that situation. And has been pointed out about the Vegas shooting, when you have police officers that are going around and doing violent things all day long, and then they take a break for lunch, well, it doesn’t mean all of the sudden they’re innocent or they’re being peaceful because they’re taking a break from all of their other anti-freedom, rights-violating violence.”

“Think of how many lives might have been saved by this incident. How many people would these cops have killed had they not been killed?” he asked. “We can only hope that some of the officers in America are listening — if you care about your own safety — to understand that you are hurting people, and you can only push them so far before they hit a breaking point.”

Kokesh argued that blaming Jerad and Amanda Miller was “kind of like blaming the victim,” adding that they could have been thinking about the time his home was raided after he posted the video of himself loading a shotgun in downtown D.C.

After a 15 minute rant about the SPLC, Kokesh concluded that the civil rights group may have confused his time as a “violent psychopath” working for the U.S. Marines with his current anti-government beliefs.(Crooks & Liars)

You know, maybe its’ just me….but it is high damn time that we begin calling people like Adam Kokesh exactly what they are: domestic terrorists.

Fox News Host Defends Cold-Blooded Murderer On Air   1 comment

To borrow a quote from comedian Ron White: Mr. Hannity (and I use that term very loosely), how the hell do you sleep at night, you fucking prick?

Is there really any justification for plotting and laying in wait to murder a couple of lawbreaking teenagers? Yes, they shouldn’t have broken into Byron Smith’s home, but when accumulated possessions end up meaning more than a human being, something is seriously wrong. The killing of Haile Kifer and Nick Brady was not accidental. (Byron) Smith set up a scene to make people think he wasn’t home, and then waited…(Media Matters via. Crooks & Liars)

Note the bolded italics above…in essence, what Byron Smith did was premeditated, capital murder. Continuing:

On April 29, Minnesota resident Byron Smith was convicted on two counts each of premeditated first-degree murder and second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of Haile Kifer, 18, and Nick Brady, 17. Brady and Kifer were killed on Thanksgiving Day 2012 after breaking into Smith’s home.

While homeowners have broad latitude in defending their residences from intruders, a jury believed that Smith went too far. Prosecutors compared Smith’s actions on Thanksgiving Day to the setting up of a deer stand. After spotting a neighbor he believed had previously burglarized his house, Smith moved his car to make his home seem unoccupied and then waited in his basement “with a book, energy bars, a bottle of water and two guns.”

Smith also set up an audio recording which captured what transpired. After breaking a window, Brady came down the basement stairs and was shot two times. Smith was then heard saying, “You’re dead,” before firing a third shot into his face. He then put Brady’s body on a tarp and moved him to another room. Moments later, Smith wounded and then killed Kifer execution-style with a shot under her chin.(Media Matters via. Crooks & Liars)

Now its’ one thing to defend your home from unlawful entry; most every state has such laws and had this been one of those situations, we wouldn’t be here discussing it. On the other hand, last time I remember, in most states lying-in-wait for someone and then killing them is a whole other nasty ball of wax…and Sean Hannity has the stones to defend him?

To paraphrase Joseph Welch’s immortal words…

Have you no sense of decency anymore, Mr. Hannity? At long last, sir, have you no sense of decency?

Did A Guilty Man Go Free?   Leave a comment

You know, it smarts whenever I come across an article over at the conservative website American Thinker and come to realize that they’re right on something….in this case, they may actually be right.

A little background: in August 1982, a man named Anthony Porter was arrested for the murders of Jerry Hillard & Marilyn Green; Porter was later convicted and sentenced to death for those murders. In 1998, a state judge granted him a mental capacity hearing on the grounds that he was not mentally competent to be executed; now, it was during this hearing that a Northwestern journalism professor, David Protess, along with a group of Northwestern journalism students and private investigator Paul Ciolino, announced that they had uncovered evidence not only contradicting Porter’s guilt but also pointing to another individual, Alstory Simon, who later confessed (under duress, if reports are to be believed) to the murders and who now currently is serving a 37yr. sentence for those murders.

Now, the name Anthony Porter should be familiar to death penalty opponents; after Porter’s death sentence was commuted by then-Gov. George Ryan (who later commuted all death sentences in the Illini State), Porter was later released from prison following Story’s confession and plea agreement on the murders in question. However – and this is where I think American Thinker gets it right – it may indeed be that it was Anthony Porter and not Alstory Simon who committed those murders…

If this is the case – and you can click the AT link to see what the current state of affairs on this sordid tale are at present – then frankly heads should roll; this is precisely the kind of malicious misappropriation of justice that screams for federal investigation. To be fair, though, for all the above, let us not forget the victims in this case – Jerry Hillard and Marilyn Green – who may never get the justice they deserve.

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Louisiana Man Freed From La. Death Row After 30 Years   Leave a comment

Reading this Atlantic article about the thirty-year struggle to free Glenn Ford from Louisiana’s death row for a murder he did not commit, I can’t help but wonder how much longer we as a society can tolerate capital punishment, which is more and more becoming an increasingly inhumane, cruel and barbaric practice which should be outlawed across America…then again, given the increasing divisions across America at present, I have to wonder if we haven’t become as inhumane, cruel and barbaric as that ultimate punishment we still use in this country.

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