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Bad Guys With Guns Hold Up Gun Range Patrons   Leave a comment

Oh, the schadenfreude is thick here, isn’t it?

[Philadelphia] police are asking for the public’s help tracking down the second suspect responsible for robbing gun range customers of at least nine weapons and shooting a 67-year-old man.

Authorities identified the missing robber as 27-year-old Jeffrey Chandler.

Officials say Chandler, who stands 5-feet 10-inches tall and weighs about 200 pounds, has numerous tattoos on both arms. The most distinctive tattoo is the word – “Stretch” – located on his right hand, they say.

Investigators say Chandler fired the shot that wounded one of the victims.

Chandler’s alleged accompolice, 21-year-old Samiyyah Poteat turned herself in to authorities on June 13 after seeing herself in surveillance video of the crimes.

She faces multiple charges including attempted homicide, robbery and aggravated assault.(NBC Philadelphia)

Normally, I don’t make fun of crime victims – God knows they’ve been through enough – but this is an exception to that rule…maybe someone should ask Wayne LaPierre, ‘where were all the good guys with guns, ya’ sonuvabitch?

H/T to Crooks & Liars & NBC Philadelphia


Libertarian Defends Actions Of Vegas Cop Killers   Leave a comment

Remember Adam Kokesh? You know, that libertarian fellow who thought it’d be a great idea to go marching around Washington, D.C., with a bevy of loaded weapons? Well…he’s back, unfortunately:

A libertarian gun activist — who was convicted on weapons charges after he carried a loaded shotgun in downtown Washington, D.C. — this week defended two people who recently went on a shooting rampage in Las Vegas, killing two police officers and another person.

On his Wednesday Internet show, Adam Kokesh blasted the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for noting that Jerad and Amanda Miller had been inspired by his gun activism.

“You’re not going to get away with it this time USA Today and SPLC,” Kokesh insisted, arguing that the shooters had acted because “authority has become a homicidal institution against freedom.”(Crooks & Liars)

Yeah…he actually thinks the two people who killed the pair of cops in Vegas were heroes…what…the…..fuck?!? What’s even worse is that he actually rationalizes what they did:

Kokesh asserted that the slaying of the two officers was not “murder” because police are likely to kill people.

“Let’s say someone is going around stabbing people, like just stabbing people,” he opined. “It’s not murder to kill someone in that situation. And has been pointed out about the Vegas shooting, when you have police officers that are going around and doing violent things all day long, and then they take a break for lunch, well, it doesn’t mean all of the sudden they’re innocent or they’re being peaceful because they’re taking a break from all of their other anti-freedom, rights-violating violence.”

“Think of how many lives might have been saved by this incident. How many people would these cops have killed had they not been killed?” he asked. “We can only hope that some of the officers in America are listening — if you care about your own safety — to understand that you are hurting people, and you can only push them so far before they hit a breaking point.”

Kokesh argued that blaming Jerad and Amanda Miller was “kind of like blaming the victim,” adding that they could have been thinking about the time his home was raided after he posted the video of himself loading a shotgun in downtown D.C.

After a 15 minute rant about the SPLC, Kokesh concluded that the civil rights group may have confused his time as a “violent psychopath” working for the U.S. Marines with his current anti-government beliefs.(Crooks & Liars)

You know, maybe its’ just me….but it is high damn time that we begin calling people like Adam Kokesh exactly what they are: domestic terrorists.

Five Dead In Las Vegas Shooting   Leave a comment

To borrow what has to be a common thought across America as news of this shooting continues to filter out of Nevada: now can we begin discussing how to deal with these tragedies or would that offend the gun nuts out there?

As many as five people were dead Sunday afternoon after police said a pair of people shot two police officers at a Las Vegas pizzeria and then stormed a nearby Wal-Mart, where they killed another victim in the store, then themselves.

“This is a revolution,” the suspects said during the attack, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Kevin C. McMahill told reporters.

There were conflicting reports about the gender of the two suspects – whether it was a man and a woman or two men – but officials said the attack apparently began at Cici’s Pizza on North Nellis Boulevard.

Two people walked into the pizzeria and shot both police officers in the head before taking their guns and ammunition and heading for the Wal-Mart, McMahill said.

Alize Harper, 16, was selling newspapers outside the Wal-Mart when she saw a car drive up, and a man start yelling for everyone to get out and warning that the police were coming.

Monse Galindo, 19, a customer in the store, was near the registers when she saw a tall, thin, middle-aged white man in military-style clothing walk in with a small gun in his hand.

“He came in, shouting, ‘The revolution is about to start,’ something about a war, and that the cops were on their way,” Galindo told the Los Angeles Times, adding that the man then fired one shot in the air and another shot as he moved toward the left side of the store.

Galindo and Harper said the man appeared to be by himself, though police initially said there were two suspects in the store.

Karl Catarata, 16, was shopping with his mother and brother inside and also were near the registers when they heard the shouting, though the people shouting were just out of eyesight, he said.

“We thought they were shouting because there was a dispute, an argument,” Catarata said, but as he watched the body language of the Wal-Mart employees, who could see what was going on, he knew there was something seriously wrong.

After the first shot rang out, he grabbed his mother’s and brother’s hands and began to run toward the back of the store. He heard three shots in all before he made it to the exit.

Jesus Bustamante, 27, was at the Wal-Mart with his cousin, Emmanuel Florez, 26, to buy an Xbox when the shooting began.

“Should we run?” Florez asked his cousin as the shots rang out, Bustamante said. “Hell yes, we should run!” Bustamante replied, and the pair joined the other shoppers and Wal-Mart employees flooding out the back of the store.

The attacker or attackers shot and killed one person inside before going to the back of the store and carrying out a “suicide pact” as police arrived, McMahill told reporters.(Los Angeles Times)

You know, as I read more about what happened here, I can’t help but think of this scene from the movie And The Band Played On and wonder, “When will someone get up and call the NRA and all the other gun nuts SOBs’ out and ask, ‘when should we discuss gun violence?’ When?”

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Georgia Officially Goes Gun Mad   Leave a comment

The more I read this, the more that I’m tempted to say, “Fuck you, Georgia!”

Georgia has officially gone mad. Mad, I tell you. In all my life I never thought a political party would be so crazy as to put their own constituents in so much jeopardy, but that’s what conservatives have done. Every single politician that voted for the “guns everywhere,” law will have blood on their hands for every person that falls victim to this new law if it is indeed signed by Gov. Nathan Deal.(Crooks & Liars)

Basically, this new law pretty much allows guns everywhere: bars, churches, schools, restaurants, airports, etc. It also allows felons – who, by rights, shouldn’t be possessing firearms to start – to claim self-defense (a/k/a “stand your ground”) and it also eliminates state crimes against gun possession inside airport security checkpoints (good luck, TSA!) The kicker…everyone and every group of record – outside of the gun fetishist crowd – opposed this bill…and it still passed the legislature. Put simply, this was the dumbest fucking decision I’ve seen in a long time and it is, in my opinion, high time that people of good will begin boycotting the state of Georgia.

Like I said….fuck you, Georgia!

Fox News Shrink: Smartphones More Dangerous Than Guns   Leave a comment

Oh, the stupid is heavy with Fox News’s resident shrink sociopath “Dr.” Keith Ablow on this one…so in the twisted world of Fox’s so-called “Medical A Team”, smartphones are more dangerous than guns?

Fox News “Medical A-Team” member Keith Ablow thinks smartphones may be even more dangerous to have in theaters than handguns.

Ablow on Tuesday said a smartphone caused a retired police officer to experience “data rage” toward a man who was texting in a Florida theater and fatally shoot him.

After Curtis Reeves was ordered held without bond on Tuesday, Fox News hosts Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota asked the television psychiatrist what might have caused the 71-year-old ex-Tampa officer pull out his .380 pistol and shoot 43-year-old Chad Oulson while he was texting his 3-year-old daughter.

“I think we may have to look at something I’ll call data rage,” Ablow opined. “Just like road rage. We know that when people interact with machines that sometimes they feel emboldened to do things that they never would, that it can be tremendously frustrating and that people who could be vulnerable — by the way, they may be impulsive to begin with or explosive — add in technology or a machine and things can go over the top.”(Crooks & Liars)

….reading this makes me shudder at the thought that somewhere, someone actually considers him a doctor of psychiatry…worse, that somewhere, someone actually depends on that quack for medical services.  

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New York Post Columnist: Sandy Hook A “Convenient Massacre”   Leave a comment

You know, there’s a special place in hell for people like New York Post columnist Frederick Dicker…why? Oh, this:

New York Post columnist and radio host Frederic Dicker called the Newtown massacre a “little convenient massacre” on his show Monday to describe his contempt for New York State legislation to contain gun violence.

“That was [Governor Andrew Cuomo’s] anti-gun legislation, which he had promised not to do, but then he had a little convenient massacre that went on in Newtown, Connecticut, and all of a sudden there was an opportunity for him,” Dicker said.

Slammed by Newtown victims’ families and anti-gun violence groups, Dicker since said his sarcasm was aimed at New York’s 2013 SAFE Act gun legislation.

As an outspoken critic of the gun package, Dicker told the Albany Times Union his point “is a sarcastic reference to the governor latching on to an horrendous out of state mass killing to advance a political agenda that had nothing to do with the problem of gun-related crimes in New York.” According to his statement, “I used the word ‘massacre’ intentionally because it refers, by definition, to a horrendous large scale killing, which of course the Newtown horror was.”(Think Progress)

Naturally, family members of those who died at Newtown were not amused…

Newtown families and groups may not accept this answer. “Mr. Dicker should issue an immediate on-air apology to the Newtown families who lost children and loved ones on that life changing morning last December,” executive director for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Leah Barrett said. Until then, the group is advising a boycott of Dicker’s outlets, including the NY Post and Talk1300AM.

The cousin of a teacher murdered in Sandy Hook said, “There’s nothing ‘convenient’ about 26 lives being gunned down in an elementary school.”(Think Progress)

You know, the more I think about Dicker’s remarks, the more it makes me start wishing there wasn’t such a thing as the 1st Amendment….then again, if that were the case, America would be a far sadder place that it is at present.

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Gee, Thanks…   Leave a comment

…NRA for protecting yet another would-be mass murderer with ineffectual gun laws & regulations….quoting:

Federal agents were tracking Ohio resident Richard Schmidt’s imports of counterfeit sports jerseys when they stumbled upon his arsenal of 18 guns, more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition, and bulletproof body armor. Besides the arsenal, he had lists of Jewish and black leaders in Detroit, MI. He is also an ex-felon who killed a Hispanic man and wounded two others 24 years ago.

Yet before December, no one even noticed that Schmidt, 47, was amassing weapons illegally, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Instead, federal investigators zeroed in on his sports memorabilia shop around September 2011, tracking his shipments of knock-off jerseys from China for over a year before they discovered the cache of firearms.(Think Progress)

This is but another reason why we need sensible, reasonably-enforced gun regulations: even under current federal law, a person such as Mr. Schmidt should have never been able to amass the supposed arsenal that he was able to gather, yet thanks to groups such as the National Rifle Association, America’s gun laws are so riddled with loopholes and barriers that it’s amazing any gun-law enforcement is carried out at all. Indeed, as Think Progress points out,

Indeed, Schmidt might have been able to stockpile firearms so easily thanks to decades of hard work by the the gun lobby. Combating calls for stricter background checks on private gun sales, the National Rifle Association insisted the bill would create a national registry of gun owners which would be used to confiscate weapons and enact tyranny. This fearmongering has also hobbled federal law enforcement agents, who are forbidden from keeping any records of gun purchases. That means individuals like Schmidt can potentially avoid background checks when they purchase firearms, or they can obtain guns through a straw purchaser that law enforcement cannot track because any records revealing the purchaser’s activities would have been destroyed.(Think Progress)

Like I said earlier, “Gee, thanks NRA for making us feel so much safer in our homes and neighborhoods and cities…”

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