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Ben Carson Is An Idiot   Leave a comment

…either that or he’s seriously delusional:

“I am a little shocked quite frankly looking at the AP course in American history that’s being taught in high schools across out country right now,” Carson said. “There’s only two paragraphs in there about George Washington. George Washington! Little or nothing about Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Carson then lamented a few negative aspects of history included in the course framework like “a whole section on slavery and how evil we are,” Japanese internment camps, and “how we wiped out American Indians with no mercy.”

“I think most people when they finish that course, they’d be ready to go sign up for ISIS. I mean, this is what we’re doing to the young people in our nation,” he said. “We have got to stop crucifying ourselves. Have we made mistakes as a nation? Of course we have. Why? Because we’re people. And all people make mistakes.”(Talking Points Memo)

There are no words for this kind of idiocy…and Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon? If I were a family member of any of his patients, I’d be wanting a refund on any surgeries of his…but the serious point here is this: as someone who – years ago in high school, mind you – took an AP History class or two, I can still remember a good chunk of the course material and there was plenty of mention of George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr…which means either Carson’s fucking lying in the quote above or he’s simply delusional as hell. Maybe both, come to think of it.

I know what my dad – a school teacher for over 30 years – would’ve said had he read Dr. Carson’s words above: “Dr. Carson, I wouldn’t presume to tell you how to operate, so would you please get the fuck out of my classroom?”


Welcome To The Great Game, Booman   Leave a comment

The more that I read Booman Tribune’s latest article concerning the current events in Gaza between Israel & Hamas, I can’t help but think, “surely, Booman knows about the 19th-century Great Game and its’ 21st-century equivalent here?”

For those who don’t the first reference, the Great Game refers to the 19th-century rivalry between Great Britain and Czarist Russia which took place across the steppes of Central Asia – namely, in Afghanistan – and which, over time, bled both Britain and Russia dry in terms of both effort and blood. The 21st-century equivalent is the current conflict in Gaza and the fact that – as evidenced by how stunned Booman stated he was in his article – there seems to be a very interesting dynamic here in regards to some of the Arab states in the region.

Now, to be fair, most of these players – notably Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. – don’t give a flip whatsoever about Israel; neither country recognizes Israel and under most circumstances doesn’t care for the state of Israel. On the other hand, they really, really despise Hamas…and its’ on this basis that – privately – they’re hoping Israel absolutely effing crushes Hamas. Call it an unintended consequence of the 2011 Arab Spring, but what is going on, I would argue, is nothing more than a return to that age-old axiom: the enemy of my enemy is my friend

For what its’ though, I do agree with Booman’s conclusion and that is that, even with this, Israel had better figure out how to make a lasting peace with its’ neighbors or, to quote Booman:

And when this is all over and Hamas is defeated, assuming that is even accomplished, then Israel will immediately lose its erstwhile allies if they don’t reopen the peace talks and get real about ending the occupation.(Booman Tribune)

CMB Music: Johnny Cash – “Ain’t No Grave”   Leave a comment

…as we think about the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer, let us remember that while history may bend at times in ways other than it should, the arc of history does ultimately bend towards justice.

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CMB Music: The Human League – “Seconds”   Leave a comment

…like the song says, sometimes seconds can change the course of history as we know it…

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On History & Second Chances   Leave a comment

You know, there are times where Think Progress is dead-to-rights correct on certain things…and then there are times where they’re dead-to-rights wrong on certain things. Case in point: Michael Sam being drafted by the St. Louis Rams earlier today, becoming the first openly gay athlete to be drafted by any one of the four major North American sports leagues. On the one hand, Think Progress was correct in asking how Sam, who had been expected to go between the 3rd-5th rounds of the NFL Draft, could fall down to the 7th round and for what it’s worth, there are legitimate concerns as to how well Sam will adapt to the pro game as opposed to the collegiate game…

Now that Sam has been drafted, he will move onto the next challenge of securing a spot on the roster. He’ll need to make the team over the summer to become the first openly gay player actively in the NFL, and his spot isn’t guaranteed. As Alex Leichenger previously pointed out here on ThinkProgress, “Sam is considered undersized for an NFL defensive end and may have to become a linebacker in the pros…. His pass-rushing ability would be an advantage at outside linebacker, but there will be questions about whether he has the speed to play in pass coverage in the NFL.” Sam also had a fairly bad showing at the scouting combine earlier this year.(Think Progress)

On the other hand, though, why the cheap shots towards other NFL draftees – namely, LSU’s Zach Mettenberger and Notre Dame’s Prince Shembo? Do we no longer give second chances to people depending on what crimes they may have – or in Shembo’s case, alleged to have – committed in the past or is it to whoever is the proverbial social flavor of the month?

To be fair, we should, by all means, congratulate Michael Sam on being drafted and wish him a successful career in the NFL…I just wish, in the zeal to do so, certain groups didn’t decide to take cheap shots at other NFL draftees while they’re at it.

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Palm Sunday Ponderings: Jesus And Those In Need   1 comment

Grace Ji-Sun Kim: Palm Sunday Ponderings – Jesus & Those In Need

Came across this blog post over at Grace’s blog and decided to reblog it over on my second blog, Confessions of a Christian Liberal…quoting what I wrote in regards to the topic at hand:

I agree with Grace here; we often think about and try to follow the triumphant Jesus and forget that the very same Jesus who was triumphant in the end was also a man who cared for the poor, the outcast and the broken, and was a man who walked with the outcasts and broke bread with sinners, something we forget at times when we think about his life and works.

End Of An Era   Leave a comment

There will be a new Dean of the United States House of Representatives come January 2015

Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) will retire at the end of his current term, capping a historic career as the longest-serving member of Congress in history.

In prepared remarks for his annual “State of the District” speech distributed by his office Monday afternoon, Dingell described his decision as personal and rooted in the standards he had set for himself as a lawmaker.

“Around this time every two years, my wife Deborah and I confer on the question of whether I will seek reelection. My standards are high for this job. I put myself to the test and have always known that when the time came that I felt I could not live up to my own personal standard for a Member of Congress, it would be time to step aside for someone else to represent this district. That time has come,” Dingell was set to say, according to the prepared remarks.

Dingell first announced his decision to Michigan newspapers. “I’m not going to be carried out feet first,” Dingell told the Detroit News. “I don’t want people to say I stayed too long.”(Washington Post)

Now, how long has Rep. Dingell been a member of “the People’s House”? Long enough for some major historical events to occur:

…and that’s just scratching the surface; we’d be here forever if we listed every event that took place while John Dingell has served in the House….nevertheless, the House will be a lesser place come Jan. 2015. Best wishes to Congressman Dingell as he prepares to embark on the next course of his life; he has, to borrow the phrase, most assuredly earned his happy ending.

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