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AFA Official Wants All Immigrants To Convert To Christianity   2 comments

What part of the 1st Amendment does Bryan Fischer not understand?

On his radio program today, Bryan Fischer recommended that the United States adopt an immigration policy based upon the Bible, meaning that all immigrants must convert to Christianity and completely leave behind their native practices, beliefs, culture, and language.

If we “did immigration God’s way,” Fischer said, that would mean that “those who came to our shores would be expected to adopt our religious values and traditions — that would mean Christianity and not Islam — and they would leave behind their religion and their god.”

“That would mean leaving behind Islam and Allah,” he explained, as well as adopting Judeo-Christian values, which means they they would not be allowed to complain about the sale or consumption of bacon or the inability to obtain Halal foods.

“If this were to happen,” he concluded, “we would have one god, we would have one law, we would have one culture, and we would have one language.”(Right Wing Watch)

You can watch the gory details above…ironically, it ain’t the first time Fischer’s gone off-the-rails like that; he did the same thing back in 2011 and went so far that the American Family Association yanked his words from their site, albeit so that they could clean the words up later on.


GOP Candidate Suggests War With Mexico Over Immigration Issue   Leave a comment

There’s crazy, there’s crazy stupid…and then there’s North Carolina GOP congressional candidate Mark Walker, who apparently thinks that the U.S. needs to go to war with our next-door neighbor Mexico over the issue of immigration

North Carolina congressional candidate Mark Walker (R) suggested war with Mexico might be a way to stop immigrants coming across the border, TPM reports.

Said Walker: “I will tell you if you have foreigners who are sneaking in with drug cartels to me that is a national threat. And if we got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point, I don’t have a problem with that either. So yeah, whatever we need to do.”(Political Wire)

If Mr. Walker’s so damn interested in war, why don’t he put on a uniform and go down there? Better still, how ’bout we reform the immigration system so that we can lessen the numbers of those who come here and bring those already here out of the shadows.

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Obama To Delay Executive Action On Immigration Until After Midterms   1 comment

I’m of two minds here when it comes to President Obama’s decision to delay executive actions on immigration until after the coming midterm elections…on the one hand, given how precarious the Senate’s fortunes for Democrats are at present, this decision, on the surface, sounds rational. On the other hand, if you’re part of the Democratic base that’s been pushing the administration for executive action in this case, this has to be almost too disheartening to bear in some quarters and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some w/in the base simply decide to sit out the midterms in response.

Rebranding Effort? What Rebranding Effort?   Leave a comment

Remember all the talk about the GOP’s efforts to rebrand their party following the 2012 election? Wellis it safe to assume that their rebranding effort is now well & truly dead? Quoting Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D), who earlier this evening basically ripped the GOP a new one:

How did we get here? In the dark of night Republicans are voting to deport DREAMers, take away the DACA program, and make every undocumented immigrant deportable.

In 2012 the Republicans were shellacked and they spoke of turning over a new leaf with younger voters, with Asian voters, with women and Latinos.

A year ago I was working with Congressman Sam Johnson and Judge Carter of Texas. I did town halls and public appearances with Judge Carter and with Congressman Valadao. I worked with Mike Coffman of Denver and stood up with Aaron Schock and Adam Kinsinger in my own state of Illinois.

But now Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz are literally writing the immigration script for the Republican Party. A script filled with ugly and mean policies to demonize children and marginalize immigrants and destroy families.

In January you were saying that all of the DREAMers should get green cards and citizenship.

We always understood you wanted to deport their parents.

But now, late on a Friday night you are going after the DREAMers who have known no other country. Who risked their identities and their families to come forward and sign up with the Department of Homeland Security and passed FBI background checks.

The United States said come forward and get right with the law and now Republicans are saying they should go back in the shadows and back to a life of fear where opportunities are few and futures are uncertain.

The voters had a referendum on this program back in 2012 and the winner was President Obama, the DREAMers, and the American people.

But now you want to take that all away. Thank God the Senate is gone, the President has called this veto-bait, and this will never become law.(Crooks & Liars)

To paraphrase the words of that august Alaskan quitta, “How’s that rebranding effort going for ya’?”

Senate Passes Immigration Reform Bill   Leave a comment

Earlier today, the Senate passed, by a vote of 68-32, a comprehensive immigration reform package; quoting Think Progress:

On Thursday afternoon, an immigration reform bill that would affect millions of undocumented immigrants was approved by a final vote of 68 to 32 in the Senate. The bill puts up to 11 million undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship and enforces tough border security measures. Vice President Joe Biden presided over the historic vote, in which all the senators were required to vote from their desks. The Senate gallery was packed with exuberant DREAMers, undocumented youths who were brought to the U.S. by their parents. The gallery chanted “Yes we can” after the bill was officially passed.(Think Progress)

With Senate passage, the bill now moves to the House, where it faces a very uphill battle as House Speaker John Boehner has already announced his intent not to proceed until a majority of House Republicans can be found to support the bill in question..

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Beck: Immigrant Groups Learned From The Klan, ‘They Just Changed Their Hood’   Leave a comment

Sometimes I get the feeling that talk-show wingnut Glenn Beck does things for the sheer hell of it, just to get rises out of his critics…why else would he go off on this kind of tangent?

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck told Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) on Tuesday that immigrant activists have the “same ideology” as the Ku Klux Klan but they “are just changing their hood.”

Over the weekend, about 300 activists traveled had traveled to Kobach’s home after holding a prayer vigil and and a town hall event to protest his efforts to crackdown on immigrants, including a role in an Arizona law which was eventually overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

“I believe that this is the same exact tactics used by the Klan in the 1960s,” Beck declared on Tuesday. “And they’re doing it in the name of civil rights. But make no mistake, you are on the right side. You are the new civil rights movement.”(Crooks & Liars)

A little background: this past weekend, over 300 immigrant rights activists protested outside the residence of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach(R), a noted opponent of immigration rights. In response to Beck’s fantastical point above, Kobach replied (after a few more comments by the Beckster), 

“I believe that this is the same exact tactics used by the Klan in the 1960s,” Beck declared on Tuesday. “And they’re doing it in the name of civil rights. But make no mistake, you are on the right side. You are the new civil rights movement.”

“The civil rights movement did produce some laws that would stop you from doing these kinds of things,” he observed. “Have you thought about going and using the civil rights laws to stop this kind of harassment and intimidation at your own home?”

“They’re called the Klan laws,” Kobach explained. “They’re a set of laws that say you cannot intimidate an official by trespassing his property or threatening violence, you cannot intimidate an individual by threatening violence so that they don’t vote or they don’t exercise their civil rights. And arguably both of those might apply here because they were trying to intimidate me as an elected official to change my point of view, and certainly they don’t like what I’ve been saying for years and doing for years to stop illegal immigration.”

“You know, this is exactly — they’re just not wearing white cloaks, but this is exactly the KKK-type of intimidation,” he added.(Crooks & Liars)

Now, I want you to think about this for a moment….what they basically just said in that back-and-forth above is that those people who protested outside Kobach’s home are the modern equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan sans’ the hoods, robes and burning crosses.

What utter, f—— bullshit…if anything, this is yet another example of why we should be glad Glenn Beck is no longer on the airwaves. There is a perverse irony here: Kobach, in the interview w/the Beckster, claimed he felt threatened by the protesters yet by most accounts Kobach and his family weren’t even at home over the weekend to even feel threatened by the protesters, who by most of the same accounts, accorded themselves in a non-violent manner, exercising their 1st Amendment right of free speech….

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Immigration Reform Bill Passes First Senate Test   Leave a comment

Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform have to feel enlightened by today’s pair of votes in the Senate; by respective margins of 82-15 and 84-15, the Senate agreed to begin considering of a comprehensive immigration reform package..quoting:

In an initial victory for proponents of comprehensive immigration reform, the Senate on Tuesday easily passed a procedural vote to begin debate on the broad bipartisan measure, with just 15 senators — all Republicans — objecting.

The preliminary 82-15 vote — which required 60 votes for passage — offers an initial show of strength for supporters of the legislation, although some Republicans who voted for the initial procedural measure say they will not support the final product unless amendments are added to strengthen the legislation’s requirements to secure the nation’s southern border.

A short while later, a vote on the motion to proceed — which needed just a simple majority — passed by a similar 84-15 margin.

The votes came hours after President Barack Obama, flanked by a broad array of supporters in remarks at the White House, urged Congress to act on the legislation and warned opponents that there is “no good reason to play procedural games or engage in obstruction.”

“If you’re serious about actually fixing the system, then this is the vehicle to do it,” Obama said.

A final vote on the legislation is not expected until before the chamber’s July 4 recess. Obama said Tuesday that he wants the bill to his desk by the end of the summer.(NBC News)

While this is a good first step, this shouldn’t be seen as good tidings just yet: for the bill to make it to the White House for signature, it will likely have to survive several poison-pill amendments in the Senate, a potential cloture vote and then a vote on final passage…and that’s only on the Senate side. The House would then have to take up the bill, likely forcing for the fourth time this Congress, Speaker John of Orange to have to violate the all-but-dead Hastert Rule…then, assuming it passes, would it go to the White House.

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