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Random Thought, 26 June 2014   Leave a comment

Am I the only one ’round here who thinks the music for that new Apple iPhone 5s commercial is some of the stupidest music ever put to pen? Come to think of it, its’ almost as stupid as Voldemort’s Forum


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Random Thought, 19 April 2014   3 comments

You know, its’ one thing when you decide to close a forum down for reasons all your own…its’ quite another when Zetaboards, out of the clear blue, decides to close your forum down for ‘copyright’ reasons. Copyright reasons? I did everything you’re supposed to do in regards to copyright; I’d throttle them if I could get a-hold of them…. *mutters a few choice words*

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Random Thoughts, 12 February 2014   Leave a comment

As I watch the continuing coverage of the now-arrived snow storm, I have to ask: why the fuck do people still think they have to get out & drive? I mean, the authorities are staying stay in, so why risk others’ lives?

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Random Thought, 12 August 2013   Leave a comment

…and I thought I was the only one who hated to see Speed Channel go away…apparently, I’m not alone and judging by reader comments at the end of this pathetic excuse for a news article, I’m not the only one. This one quote in particular sums it up quite well:

Fox ruins everything it touches. Moronic right-wing propaganda dressed up as news; now they’re torching motorsports coverage that they’d already skewed toward roundly-round. Thankfully F1 coverage has moved elsewhere.


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Random Thought, 17 February 2013   1 comment

I was visiting a close friend’s forum(first time I’d been there in a while) and I saw a reference from a long-time friend of mine concerning President Obama that got me thinking…and that thought is this: If, as people seem to want to think about Washington, the president was as much of a tyrannical person as Wolf and others seem to think he is, would they still be around?

I don’t think so…let me repeat that, Wolf: I don’t think so!

Even when I was a conservative I never once thought Barack Obama was a tyrant and it actually pisses me off some whenever I hear someone utter something along those lines; that’s one of the reasons, by the way, why I’m no longer a conservative; one can only hear such crap enough times before one’s tempted to say something they might regret later.

And the remark that started this random thought rant: Quoting….

(Quote #1)I said…don’t worry…we have learned to plan under the Obama regime.

(Quote #2)My hope is that other families have also taken the time to protect their families,from this commie scumbag.

Remind me, what regime?

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Thoughts On F1’s Future…   Leave a comment

As I watched today’s season-finale F1 race in Brazil, a few thoughts popped into my head….

(1)It’ll be weird watching Formula 1 over on NBC Sports instead of Speed Channel, where it’s been for the past 17 years…if NBC’s smart, they’ll take Speed’s F1 cast and bring them over to their network, which according to most reports they’ve already done, (with the exception of lead announcer Bob Varsha) by signing current Speed announcer Leigh Diffey to join current F1 analysts David Hobbs and Steve Matchett and pit-side commentator Will Buxton.

(2)Ironically, today’s Brazilian Grand Prix marked the end of Speed’s arc as the U.S. Formula 1 broadcaster…why ironic? Well, back in 1996, Interlagos was the first race then-Speedvision hosted, with announcers Sam Posey & David Hobbs(yeah, that Hobbs) calling the race albeit in tape-delay. It wasn’t until a few years later that both Bob Varsha and Benetton chief mechanic Steve Matchett came on-board the Speed train, joining Posey & Hobbs

(3)Speaking of Interlagos, the race had just about everything one has come to expect from the “pinnacle of world motorsport”…a great start, a nip-and-tuck battle between two of the sport’s greats(Sebastian Vettel & Fernando Alonso) and a race that went almost literally right down to the last lap; throw in the usual late-year Brazilian weather and it’s a wonder the safety car didn’t lead more than the last couple of laps….

(4)My advice to NBC Sports: don’t change the formula Speed used so successfully over the past 17 years. Let the announcers do what they do best: call the races…but at least let them call the races from the tracks themselves, something Speed Channel was too cheap to do. By contrast, every IndyCar Series race that I can think of that’s ever been run overseas(with the exception of Motegi on NBC Sports Network back in 2010-2011) saw the announce team actually announce from the event site itself. 

(5)Besides F1 moving from one network to another, it’s also a farewell of sorts for “Speedheads”(my unofficial nickname for Speed Channel fans) as by this time next year, what we know as SPEED will become Fox Sports 1, a national sports channel similar to ESPN & NBC Sports Network in scope & nature…like we don’t need another example of Fox Networks’ meddling in something and ruining it…

All in all, I think F1 will do pretty darn’ well over at the Peacock Network….after all, IndyCar’s managed to find quite a home over there; I think Formula 1 will do likewise. 🙂

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Random Thought, 16 Nov. 2012…   2 comments

One good thing about being in my office/back bedroom on the computer is that I get to see most of my property and my neighbor’s property next door….but if I have to rake a few more tarps’ worth of leaves, I will SCREAM! Just saying… 😉

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