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Fox News Hosts Wonder If Female Fighter Pilot Is Considered “Boobs On The Grounds”   Leave a comment

…actually, the real boobs are those of Eric Bolling & Greg Gutfield, as illustrated below:

Two Fox News co-hosts just ridiculed a fighter pilot for being a woman.

During the Wednesday airing of “The Five,” co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling made fun of Arab Emirates Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, who is participating in the coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State jihadist group.

“Problem is, after she bombed it, she couldn’t park it,” Gutfeld said.

“Would that be considered boobs on the ground, or no?” asked Bolling.

View the segment below.(Business Insider)

…all I can say here is wow…followed by a long string of expletives directed at Messrs. Gutless & Boil.


Senate Republicans Hold Up Funding For Rape Kit Testing   1 comment

Petty…just petty. Remind me again which party perpetuates the War on Women?

For weeks, Republicans in the Senate have held up an $180 billion spending bill that would direct money to several federal agencies, from the Justice Department to the Department of Transportation. […] But one specific provision that’s being held up has victims’ advocates particularly worried: A $41 million grant to help states and localities go after rapists by funding jurisdictions to process backlogs of rape kits, the samplings of biological evidence that are taken after a sexual assault and used to identify attackers. […]

Experts estimate that there are over 100,000 untested kits sitting on shelves at scores of police departments and crime lab storage facilities around the country, partly because states and localities lack the money needed to process them.(Mother Jones via. Daily Kos)

Now, the fact that these rape kits are going untested is an evil among evils..but its’ why the funding to get them tested is being held up that is truly – and pettily – evil…

One of those amendments, sponsored by McConnell, would make it harder for the EPA to enact new rules on coal-fired power plants. (His home state of Kentucky has a big coal industry). Another amendment—a longtime favorite of Sen. David Vitter (R-La.)—would strip Obamacare subsidies from congressional staffers.(Mother Jones via. Daily Kos)

Now I want you to think about second set of quotes there long and hard…what the GOP is basically doing is trying to scuttle a comprehensive funding bill for the Justice Department and other assorted agencies by dropping political poison pills in it an effort to (a)scuttle the bill on the whole and (b)create cowardly sucker votes that the GOP can then use against legislators later on.

Cowards…the Republican Party are a bunch of political cowards.

Keith Olbermann Eviscerates Sports Media Over Their Treatment Of Women   6 comments


Just watch…trust me, just watch Keith Olbermann’s monologue above, where he uses the NFL’s insultingly pathetic two-game suspension of Baltimore Ravens’ star Ray Rice for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy as an informative segue into how the media (and society in general) continue their double-standard in regards to women. 

All I can say is: well said, sir! Well said. 

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision Gives New Meaning To Pretzel Logic   Leave a comment

The Urban Dictionary defines “pretzel logic” as:

…fallible, twisted or circular reasoning that when dissected is wrong, does not make sense or does not explain the situation rationally.(Urban Dictionary)

…well, that’s what, when read through, today’s 5-4 decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. appears like: one great big batch of judicial pretzel logic…quoting Crooks & Liars:

After reading the majority opinion in Hobby Lobby, I’m stunned. If you thought the reasoning in Citizens United was bad, welcome to the decision opening the floodgates to the Church of the Almighty Dollar. In order to make this decision, the majority had to twist itself in knots. Here are some examples: (1)Corporations are persons, but maybe only if they’re closely held. Maybe. Corporations are established to protect the people who own them, therefore they are ‘persons’ too. (2)Corporations are religious too, my friends. In disagreeing with Ginsburg’s dissent, Alito writes that ‘for-profit corporations do seek to perpetuate the religious values shared’ just like churches do. (3)Lofty values belong to owners and employees alike. Because for-profit corporations may be organized for any lawful purpose, they are not required to pursue profit at the expense of everything else, and therefore may impose their owners’ religious beliefs onto their customers and employees. (4)Denying science: It is enough that the Greens and the Hahns believe some contraception methods are actually abortion methods, regardless of science. Alito argues that because the Hahns and Greens believe IUDs and three other forms of covered contraception are “connected to the destruction of the embryo in a way that is sufficient to make it immoral for them to provide the coverage. (5)Contraception first, then vaccinations, transfusions, antidepressants and more! They are trying to kill the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid by the death of a thousand cuts. First it was contraception, but the majority left the door open for more challenges by carving out contraception and inviting other groups to challenge other treatments.(Crooks & Liars)

That last point is the most chilling; don’t be surprised if more cases begin worming their way through the judicial woodwork, all using the faux mantras of “corporate personhood” and “religious liberty” to get what they want, regardless of what the law – or the Constitution – actually said.

Tennessee Becomes First State To Jail Women For Pregnancy Outcomes   Leave a comment

With laws like this, why don’t Republicans just come out and say they want women to return to the days of ‘barefoot & pregnant”?

Tennessee has become the first state in the nation to pass a law criminalizing women for their pregnancy outcomes. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam took the 10 days allotted to him to consider the advice of doctors, addiction experts and reproductive health groups urging him to veto the punitive and dangerous measure that allows prosecutors to charge a woman with criminal assault if she uses illegal drugs during her pregnancy and her fetus or newborn is considered harmed as a result. Haslam ignored these recommendations — and the recommendations of nearly every major medical association, including the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy — and signed the measure anyway.(Alternet)

What’s especially galling is the fact that they went ahead and signed the bill without taking medical concerns into considering..then again, they might’ve and still ignored their advice anyway…

Opponents of the new law share a concern that a lack of access to health care and treatment facilities will result in the disproportionate targeting and jailing of poor mothers and mothers of color, particularly in rural districts throughout the state.(Alternet)

The Republican War on Women continues unabated; I’m surprised their party’s motto isn’t “Protect the Fetus, Screw the Woman”…at least a few Republicans see what utter bulls— the law is:

Republican state Sen. Mike Bell, one of the seven Republicans in the state Senate to vote against the measure (every Democrat in the state Senate voted in favor),  recently told Salon that this lack of access is a problem he thinks will hurt the women of his district and their families. “I represent a rural district,” he said. “There’s no treatment facility for these women there, and it would be a substantial drive for a woman caught in one of these situations to go to an approved treatment facility. Looking at the map of the state, there are several areas where this is going to be a problem.”(Alternet)

You know, the more I read this, the more I’m convinced that Republicans would really love to send America into the dystopian world of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale; why any woman would ever vote Republican is a mystery to me.

KS Lawmaker Wants To Force Women To Report Miscarriages   Leave a comment

Why don’t Republicans just come right out and admit that they only believe in smaller government when it suits them…when it doesn’t suit them, well:

Let’s just retire the lie about conservatives being all about small government. They like small government when it comes to taxes, but when it comes to women, they like their government big, stinky, vile and evil.

Mary Pilcher-Cook is a forced-birth extremist. Once that egg and sperm unite, the vessel carrying them should get a number and their own government watchdog to make sure they do absolutely nothing but grow those cells into a human being. And if it fails? Well, then the vessel had best be ready to report that failure to local government with a damn good reason for why.(Crooks & Liars)

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the Republican Party should just go ahead and announce that they’re the party of forced-births…I’m also convinced that this is yet another attempt to get a case into the federal judiciary that, should it ever get in front of the High Court, could have bad ramifications for women’s health in the future.

Still Think There Isn’t An Ongoing War On Women In The U.S.?   Leave a comment

There’s a very interesting (and very thought-provoking) article over at AmericaBlog on the Right’s continuing War on Women…reading it should remind all of us that the struggle for equality continues on all fronts. 

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